Chapter Twenty two: I was wrong

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“Colin no please?!”  I half shouted half giggled as Colin touched my arm with his muddy hand. I pushed Colin away which made him slip into the muddy puddle. I laughed at him before he grabbed onto my leg and pulled me down into the muddy puddle with him. We both laughed at each other at how wet and muddy we now were.

Colin looked at me before he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I kissed him back before we both helped each other up. “Disgusting,” someone hissed at us as they went by. We ignored them holding hands and walking down the path with not a care in the world. We really couldn’t care what they thought of us.

I still care what my friends think and my dad and sister but they seem to be a lost cause. I mean my sister and dad anyway. I’m not sure about my friends. Colin and I have to go to school tomorrow so we will see how that pans out. I hope they accept me. They are my friends after all. I mean I’ve feared this forever. Caz accepted me but Lilly and Paul looked disgusted, even horrified.

“Arrow what is wrong?” asked Colin.

“Nothing,” I smiled at him.

“You sure sexy,” he winked at me.

“I’m sure,” I nudged him as we continued to walk down the path back towards his house. We needed to get cleaned up. His mum and dad would be home soon and we wanted to look clean before they arrived. We would all be having dinner together but of course without Colin’s brother Jerrod.

We reached Colin’s house and he pulled out his key and unlocked the door. He allowed me in first before he followed in. We took of our shoes at the door. Colin looked at me weirdly.

“We are going to walk mud and water all through the house to get to the bathroom,” sighed Colin.

“We could strip?” I asked him.

“Thought you would never suggest it,” laughed Colin as he began to take off his clothes and I did the same. Colin put our dirty and wet clothes in the washing machine in the kitchen before we went up the stairs both naked. We both grinned at each other and I blushed a little.

We went into the bathroom. “We could share the shower,” suggested Colin.

“Yeah sure,” I laughed. Colin put the shower on and we both climbed in together. Colin and my body are so close together it's making me feel really horny. Colin began to kiss me under the hot water of the shower and our bodies came together as we embraced each other. We pulled apart after a few minutes and Colin put shampoo and conditioner into my hair before I did his.

We both put our heads under the water to wash it away. We then had to wash our privates which we did ourselves before we washed with shower gel. We were both clean now. I climbed out the shower first but as I did Colin smacked my ass. I turned back around and we both laughed.

“Sorry couldn’t resist. You have a nice ass,” winked Colin and I blushed again. We both wrapped ourselves in a towel before we went into Colin’s bedroom. We both dried ourselves quickly before getting changed.

“Now what do you want to do?” asked Colin as he put his top on. I looked at him and smiled.

“I don’t mind.”

“How about,” began Colin getting to his knees and looking under his bed.

“What are you doing?” I asked. He didn’t answer. He came out from under the bed holding a pair of hand cuffs.

“What are they for?” I asked him.

“I had them from a party once. I had to be a police man. Look we will only do this if you want but I thought before my parents get back I could tie you to my bed and maybe I can pleasure you.”

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