I stumbled down the stairs into the front room. My school uniform hang loosely on me and my tie hang around my neck but weren't tied. My school bag hang over my shoulder. My eyes hurt and I had bags under my eyes. My feet ached and I still smelt like booze. If my mother or father saw me like this I would be in shit.

I stumbled towards the kitchen for some tablets to get rid of this banging headache. This is Paul's fault. He had begged me to drink with him and what did I do, I said yes! I wouldn't be in this mess if I knew how to say no! I should have said no to Trish, I should have said no to Paul and I should have just said no to that stupid party too.

My life wouldn't be as bad as this then. It would still be bad but not as much. I pulled open the draw chucking things onto the floor until I found the tablets. I grabbed a glass of water but before I had a chance to take the tablets I had to run to the sink and I was sick. I grabbed a cloth and wiped my mouth.

I took the tablets with the water after that. I had no intention of eating anything this morning. I turned to leave the kitchen to find my sister blocking my way. "You look like shit," she laughed in my face.

"Thanks," I groaned as I went to go around her.

"You'll never get away with going into school like that. You stink like booze," she laughed.

"I have no choice," I said as I stumbled passed her.

"At least take a breath mint," she said.

"Don't mention food," I said to her.

"Oh, that bad huh? You are so in the shit."

I ignored her as I went into the front room. I grabbed my school shoes before I sat down on the sofa and put them on. I got to my feet slowly. I looked in the mirror near the front door. My hair was all over the place and I could barely make out my own eyes. I tried to flatten my hair but nothing seemed to work.

I had no time as I heard the honk of the horn of the school bus. I pulled open the front door and closed it quickly behind me. I headed down the pavement, through the gate leaving it ajar before I climbed onto the bus with the door already open. The bus driver took one look at me and looked away.

Oh crap! I walked down the bus finding everyone's eyes landing on me as I walked passed them. I found Paul near the back. He didn't look that bad, I guess he is use to it. I hardly ever drink. I'm only fifteen why would I need to drink? I have tried a few sips from my parents but last night had been the first time I drank so many.

"Holly crap you look like shit," said Paul. I slumped down beside him. "Tell me about it," I whispered.

"I'm sorry dude. I should have not made you drink as much," he said.

"Too late now, I'm screwed," I said to him. Paul pulled out some spray and sprayed it all over me. I coughed and held back being sick. "Paul, don't do that again. My stomach is not good."

"I'm really sorry," he continued.

"Paul just shut up." My phone began to ring in my pocket, its Trish, "You answer it," I said chucking it at Paul. He caught it and answered the phone.

"Hey....he is here but no he can't talk....why....because he drank too much last night," Paul said, ".....Yes I'll get him to phone you later....alright bye," said Paul, he hung up.

"Here you go mate. You got to ring her later," said Paul passing back my phone. I sighed. If I live till later. One look at me from a teacher and I am doomed.

"Make out your sick," said Paul.

"How is that going to work, I still smell like booze and I probably still look drunk," I said to him.

"You probably are. We didn't stop drinking until four in the morning. I can't believe your parents had no idea I was in your bedroom till then. We made so much noise," laughed Paul.

"I sometimes talk in my sleep," I said.

"That makes sense."

"I'm doomed," I said putting my head in my hands.

"Indeed you are," Paul said hitting me on the back.  "Bag....." I said.

"What?" he asked. "Bag!" I shouted at him. Paul complained before he took out all his stuff from his bag and passed it to me. I gagged into his bag.

Paul looked away. "My mum's gonna kill me."

"Sorry," I said as I finished.

"Nah its fine, I owe you since it's my fault."


I walked beside Paul as we entered the school. "Guys there you are...oh my god you look drunk," said Caz. "It's because he is. We didn't stop drinking till four this morning," Paul explained.

"You idiot why did you do that," said Lilly hitting me on the arm. I looked at her, "I know but you don't have to hit me," I complained.

"Why are you carrying Arrow's bag and where is yours?" asked Lilly.

"Mine is now in the bin with sick in it," said Paul.

"Too much information," said Lilly.

"You asked," laughed Paul.

"Teacher alert," said Caz. I might as well get it over and done with. I went to go and talk to the teacher but Paul pulled me back and I bashed straight into someone landing on the floor. Paul, Caz and Lilly hid me as the teacher walked passed. I found Colin kneeling in front of me hid by my three friends too.

"Hello again," he smiled at me.

"Colin, I think your right. I think we are made to see each....I mean bump into each other," I said to him.

"Who knows maybe," laughed Colin as he helped me to my feet.

"Teacher has gone...oh my god Colin," said Caz.

"Do I know you?" he asked my friend.

"No but everyone has heard of you," she grinned.

"So I have heard. I'll catch you around, Arrow," said Colin as he patted my shoulder and walked away. Did he notice I was drunk? Colin came back and my heart leaps.

"Arrow if you need a tip avoid at all times teacher's eye contact. Dress probably and that'll mean you attract less attention. Also take this," said Colin as he handed me something before he walked away.

I looked down at what he had given me, mints but the strange thing was they're the only mints I eat and him giving them to me didn't make me want to be sick either. I took a mint before my friends helped me to straighten up. "Much better," smiled Paul.

"Colin is so kind for doing that," smiled Lilly and Caz nodded in agreement. Paul looked at me waiting for my response. I choice my words carefully, "Yeah whatever I suppose his been in the situation before."

"I bet he has," laughed Paul as we headed for our first lesson of the day.

"I can't wait for P.E," smiled Caz.

"Why you hate P.E!" said Paul loudly.

"First time Colin is doing it though and I want to see how hot he really is," giggled Caz and Lilly high fived her which meant she defiantly agreed. "Girls right," laughed Paul.

"Yeah....girls." If only he knew, if only Paul knew how much I agreed with Caz and Lilly. Would he still want to be my best friend?


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