Hi guys,

This is a quick thing really but its sort of important. I've loved writing acceptance a lot. I mean to me this story has done very well. My first original story to get so far so I do want to say thanks.

My last chapter is likley to end in away you may expect or you may not expect.

I will admit I'll be ending it in a place where if I want too I can do a 2nd one.

I'm not sure about doing a second one or not though. I'm not sure if I'll have the time and if I do I don't want to do it or less people will enjoy it or not.

So as my readers I need your option. If I was to write a second one be honest would you read it?

If so can you please let me know with a simple comment even if its a simple yes it mean a lot as I'm not sure  yet and if none of you would read the second one there may be not much point of doing one until i have less free time to do it. If you can let me know that would mean a lot.

Also if I was to do a second one it would likley to have Colin's pov in it :)

So let me know guys thanks :)

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