Chapter Nine: I think it makes you look bad ass

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I sat at the back of the bus, its Monday morning hiding my face the best I could with my hood but when I got into school and a teacher spotted me with this jacket on I would get into trouble and then I'll have to take it off and they will see my  black eye.

I know one thing now though after living with Jim for one day has not changed and Hayley is a lot worse than he is. An argument broke out yesterday and Jim was smart to only hit me on the back so no one could see it but Hayley she was drunk so badly she didn't care and just smacked me right in the face. 

How I hate to say I got this black eye from Hayley but I had and now it's going to end me getting into trouble. I had no idea how I was going to last a week with them if this has happened only in one day.

"You have to tell someone mate," Paul said breaking the silence between us.

"Paul I can't. It's not as simple as you believe it to be. I'm not going into care or far away. I don't want to be away from here and certainly not away from the hospital, something could go wrong still you know," I said to him.

"I understand Arrow but it can't continue this way either," he said to me.

"It has too," I said to him. We fell silent again after that, Paul clearly got the point I had made up my mind with the situation happening to me and he couldn't change my mind on it.

I got off the bus before Paul and he followed me after but clearly annoyed but I didn't care. He wasn't in this situation so he couldn't tell me what to do or know how I am feeling. He maybe one of my best friends but he must understand that I've made up my mind.

I pushed open the school doors and entered the corridor. I traveled towards Caz and Lilly but someone came out of one of the classrooms and crashed straight into me. I fell back and crashed into Paul.

"I'm sorry," I heard the voice I had been waiting to hear all weekend, Colin.

I looked up at him and grinned. I had no idea why but seeing him made me feel a bit better. "What happened to your eye?" he asked me. I had forgotten about my eye.

"Well you see..." I paused as I watched my sister come towards us and she brought Colin into a hug. I took a deep breath in so I didn't get angry or lose it right then.

"What's going on?" she asked looking at me.

"How did Arrow get the black eye," he turned to my sister.

"It's a funny story, I sort of accidentally hit him in the eye, we were play fighting," laughed my sister.

"Wait a minute," said Paul but I stepped on his foot and he fell silent but giving me an evil stare.

"I see, you're strong," he smiled at me sister. Just another thing he can like her life clearly isn't going to get any better. My sister seems to always get it easy, always gets what she wants and I well you can hear what happens to me.

I heard screaming but not in a frightened way, a happy way and a moment later I had Trish clinging all over me, kissing me and she wouldn't let go. I noticed Colin look at me a few times which was odd. Finally what seems liked forever she spoke.

"What happened to your eye babe?" she asked me.

"Ask my sister she thinks it's a really funny story," I said annoyed before I let go of Trish's hand and headed towards form clearly not in the mood for Trish or lying to her about my eye and saying I pretty much got smacked in the face by my sister.

The thing is half of it was right. I got hit by a girl just it was Hayley when she was drunk. I moved my shoulders around as I sat down at my desk feeling suddenly slightly stressed and my shoulders killed me. As I lean against the back of the chair I swore quite loudly. I got a few odd stares but our form tutor wasn't here yet.

I had forgotten about the bruise on my back and clearly I had to avoid leaning against it because it still hurt quite badly. How I was going to concentrate at school today but I had to try as I don't want to make any more problems for myself. I still had my hood up but since I sat at the back I hoped our form tutor wouldn't notice it.


"Hey Arrow," smiled Colin.

"Where is my sister?" I asked Colin as I entered Jim's front room after school.

"She is having a quick shower," he smiled at me.

"Oh right..."

"Are you alright?" he asked me.

"Never better," I said to him.

"You sure?" he asked.

"My parents are in hospital," I said to him.

"Of course I'm sorry," he whispered.

"Not your fault," I smiled at him. He smiled back; I melted and fell onto the sofa.

"Tired?" laughed Colin.

"Something like that," I teased him.

"Oh really?" he smirked.


Colin came over and sat next to me on the sofa. I hadn't felt so close to him since we had been in the changing rooms last week. I couldn't help but smile and he smiled back. "So what you up to tonight?" he asked.

"Nothing much," I said to him.

"No plans then?" he asked.

"Pretty much my plan is to have something to eat and lock myself in basement," I laughed.

"You're kidding, your funny Arrow," he laughed.

"You would think that but Jim has a room in his basement  for me as he only has a two bedroom house and I'm not sharing with my sister," I laughed.

"What if you need a toilet you have to go all the way up stairs," he said to me.

"Nope own bathroom down there," I laughed.

"That's brilliant. Imagine making out down and Trish?" he asked.

"Yeah what about her? I love her before you ask anything," I said quickly. Did I want to make it obvious or not.

"Of course you do. You make a great couple..." he trailed off but I had no idea why.

"Yeah we sure do. Anyway gonna go eat speak to you around Colin probably sure to see you with you dating my sister and all," I said.

"Yeah I look forward to it," he smiled. I smiled back before I got up and went towards the kitchen.

"Hey Arrow about your eye," he said. I turned back around and looked at him, "What about it?"

"I think it makes you look bad ass," he laughed.

"Well at least it gives me one advantage," I laughed.

"Indeed," he grinned.


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