Chapter Two: Trish's brother

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Chapter Two: Trish's brother

I stood looking at myself in the mirror wearing my school uniform. I hate Monday's. I have P.E and I find it hard to change in the changing rooms because I sometimes find myself thinking things I shouldn't. "Arrow, you better get a move on or you will be late to school son," my father said as he came into my room and stood behind me in the mirror.

"I know," I said to him.

My father looked like me but much older. He wore a police uniform. I hardly get to see him as he is always working. I sometimes miss him at times too but I've always been more close to my mother.

"Don't worry, lad. All the girls will be falling over you," he smiled before he patted me on the shoulder and left my room. To how I was to ever tell my father about me having mix feelings seems impossible. He would never understand.

I turned away from the mirror and went over to my bed to pick up my bag. I took one more look at my room before I left it through the hole in my wall and headed downstairs to find my mother kissing my father on the lips.

My mother is a publisher. It's nothing big but she enjoys it and that is all that matters. We didn't need to worry about money as my father brought a lot in from his job.

The only downside to this family is the fact that my sister thinks that she is better than everyone else and my father doesn't seem to even like the word gay. I know this as whenever we watch something on TV which involves someone being gay, he turns it off in disgust. How am I ever going to be able to confess that I am gay to him if I'm certain that is what I am? I have to figure out my feelings first and there are no signs of that happening is there?

"Arrow. Why are you just standing there, honey," my mother said. I came back to my senses to find her right in front of me. When had my father even left?

"Sorry, day dreaming."

"Would you like a lift this morning, honey? You have already missed the school bus," she smiled at me.

"Yeah, that will be great. Thanks mum," I said.

"Let's get going then."

I followed my mother towards the front door. My mother made sure to lock up before we both got into the car. I didn't mind my mother dropping me off at school. My friend Paul wouldn't even dare let his mother do that but then again you don't know his mother. I laughed out loud and my mother looked at me weirdly.

I shrugged  it off which made her concentrate on driving again. It didn't take too long until we hit morning traffic. I sighed. "Don't worry honey, that's the school bus there," she laughed.

I looked out the window to find the school bus only a little in front of us. "We will be stuck here forever," I said.

"Don't worry; I'll explain if you're that bothered by it."

"No, its fine," I said quickly. My mother dropping me off is one thing but her actually going into school with me, now I can't even allow that it will be too embarrassing.

I felt my phone go off in my pocket. I pulled it out to find Paul's number showing up on my screen. I noticed my phone was still on silent but I decided to keep it that way since I was nearly in school. I touched my screen and put it to my ear.

"Where are you at Arrow? Why are you not on the school bus? Are you pulling a sicky, jammy sod," said Paul.

"Calm down. I am behind you in my mother's car. So no I am not pulling a sicky as you call it. I'm just running a little behind that's all. I'll see you in school," I said to him before I hung up.

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