Chapter Three: New hot guy in school

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Sitting in the headmaster's office before my first lesson was the last thing I wanted but here I am. Trish is in with the headmaster with her brother and the boy her brother had been fighting. I've been left out here for last. I hadn't even done anything wrong. Well apart from the fact that I don't actually love Trish, I still don't know what I am to do about that.

I watched as Trish, her brother and the other boy left the office with another teacher and I saw Trish wave at me quickly before they left out into the corridor. The headmaster came out of his office and came over to me.

"I heard you had nothing to do with this," he said to me.

"Not at all I was just there as," I began.

"You are dating, Trish I understand. You can be on your way then," he smiled at me. I nodded to him before I got up and went out into the corridor.

Now even the headmaster knows that I am dating Trish. I am so screwed! I bumped straight into someone and looked up to find a boy staring at me. "Oh I am sorry," he said softly. His name is Jerrod and happens to be the only guy openly gay at our school. I feel sorry for him and also slightly impressed by him as I would never be able to do such a thing.

"No its fine Jerrod your looking good," I said to him. Did I just say that?

"Thanks....I think," he said.

"See you around," I said as I walked away. I can't believe I just said that. What am I thinking? If that doesn't give away anything then nothing would. I just hope he doesn't tell anyone.

I shook my head in shame as I headed back to class. When I arrived I found Trish wasn't present. Did she get expelled? I took my seat after telling the teacher why I was late. I sat next to Caz as Paul had decided to sit next to Lilly and she was sitting alone.

"What happened? Where is Trish?" whispered Caz.

"I don't know the headmaster saw me after all three of them so I'm not sure where they are," I said to her.

"Oh right," said Caz.


"I'm taking Trish got expelled then," said Caz.

"I don't know. Why would she, it wasn't her fault. I can't find out either as I haven't got her number," I said.

"You need to get it since your dating now," Caz nudged me.

"Yeah I know," I said.

"How come you got out of it," Paul said to me turning around in his seat in the bus.

"I didn't do anything at all. He just let me go," I said.

"Oh yeah right," said Paul.

"I'm sure she is fine. Paul and me are going to a party tomorrow night, maybe you want to come?" asked Lilly.

"We don't do parties, besides it's a school night," said Caz.

"Oh live a little will you. I bet if you just try it you'll have fun," said Paul grinning at me and Caz. Caz looked at me and nudged her shoulders.

"We might come for a little while," I began.

"Yes!" Paul and Lilly shouted which made all the students on the bus look at us.

"I said we might come, that doesn't mean we will," I said to them.

"But you have never said even a maybe before so we bet you do come," smirked Paul.

"Whatever makes you feel better," said Caz.

Normally Caz and Lilly get lifts but they decided to take the bus with us after school today. As the bus stopped outside my house I got up and waved to my friends before headed down the bus to the front. I climbed off the bus and went over to my gate. I turned around and waved to my friends until the bus was out of sight.

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