Chapter Twenty one: I'm sorry

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I stood at Colin’s bedroom window thinking. Colin went to fetch something. We took the day off school. We just couldn’t handle it as of yet and I had no idea if I wanted to find out if Paul and Lilly hated me or not. I didn’t want to chance it or face the truth of it all as of yet and Colin didn’t want to go either.

We may both accept we are both gay and we love each other but facing up to what others think is still something we are both struggling with and I’m not sure how we are going to face up to it all as of yet. The door to the room creaked open to reveal Colin.

Colin also felt down because of his brother leaving. His brother and his parents have gone to the boarding school today. That left us in the house along to do what we wanted.

“Hey, you ok Colin?” I asked him.

“Yeah I’m ok,” he smiled at me.

“It’s about your brother isn’t it?” I asked him.

“I’ll be fine,” he said as he came over to me before he brought me into a hug. I comforted him before we kissed each other on the lips.

“Come on let’s go make something to eat I’m hungry,” said Colin as he led me out of his room with his hand in mine. He pulled me down the stairs across the front room into the kitchen. He began to search in the fridge while I just watched him smiling and when he bent down to look in the bottom of it which is the freezer part I looked at his sexy ass.

“Stop staring you’ll burn holes and that will mean I’ll have to teach you a lesson,” laughed Colin.

“Very funny,” I winked at him and he laughed. I helped him make some sandwiches and we both got a can of coke out the fridge. We sat down in the front room and popped the TV on.

“Do we have to watch the news?” I asked him.

“No, you can change it if you want,” smiled Colin. I took up the controller and began to flick through the channels. I landed on some documentary about this girl who got bullied about being fat.

“Don’t you think that’s wrong?” asked Colin. I looked at him and nodded, “Yeah I do.”

“Hey do you want to go for a walk after this?” Colin asked.

“I don’t mind. We probably should get some fresh air,” I said to him.


Colin slammed the door behind us and locked the door before he took my hand and we walked down the path in his front garden and onto the pavement. We took a slow walk down the pavement smiling at each other as we did.

Everything seemed to be going well until we reached the local Tesco to only find my mother. What was she doing shopping? She should be at work. Why did it have to be my darn luck that we bump into her here of all places at this particular time.

“Can we go?” I asked Colin quickly.

“It’s up to you but maybe it be for the best,” said Colin still holding onto my hand.

“Yeah let’s go,” I said to him as I went to turn.

“Arrow wait,” I heard my mother say. I turned back around to look at my mother.

“What do you want?” I asked her blankly.

“Arrow I don’t hate you,” she said to me.

“That’s nice to know can I go now,” I said rudely.

“Arrow please give me a chance,” she began.

“You didn’t give me a chance or you won’t give me a chance. You literally looked disgusted in me that I’m gay. I’m gay mum and clearly you aren’t going to accept that however I try to convince you. I’m your son but maybe I shouldn’t be,” I said to her.

“I’m sorry,” she said to me.

“What?” I asked.

“I’m sorry. I love you Arrow and I always will no matter if you’re gay or not. I’m proud that you stuck by who you are and you are with Colin. You were right we told you to be yourself and you are. There is nothing wrong in that and I love you. I’m so sorry,” she said to me.

I looked from Colin to my mum. I couldn’t stay angry at my mother. I let go of Colin’s hand and brought my mum into a warm embrace. “I’m sorry I left,” I said to her.

“I don’t blame you Arrow, I don’t blame you. You’re father and sister still won’t come around so you stay with Colin for now but I promise you. If they don’t come back around soon I’ll make sure you can come back anyway or if it comes to it me and you can live together alright,” smiled my mother.

“Ok mum, thanks,” I said to her as we hugged once more and she kissed me on the cheek.

“I’ll see you soon ok,” she said happily before she wondered into Tesco.

“Come on Arrow lets go,” grinned Colin as we continued on our walk. I felt that little bit better now knowing my mum didn’t hate me or finds me disgusting. I’m glad she is not disappointed in me.


So this is a shortesh chapter.

I'm hoping to make the last three a bit more longer.

I still hope you enjoyed this.

As this is coming to a fast end I just wanna say thanks for all who are reading.

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