"Arrow......Arrow!" Paul shouted my name.

"What!" I snapped back.

"The bell just went dude. What's up with you," he said as he punched my arm.

"I must have been day dreaming," I explained to him.

"Well don't. Only girls do that," Paul had to point out. Thank you, Paul. Just another thing for me to worry about if anyone gives on to my feelings I am doomed.

I got up from my chair and we left our form room. We headed out into the corridor. "Any more thoughts about the party," said Lilly from behind me. As I turned my head to look at her and answer I crashed straight into someone falling backwards tripping over Paul's feet and falling to the ground.

I found Colin looking down at me and grinning. He put out his hand and helped me to my feet. "We seem to be making this a habit," he laughed.

"Seems like it," I said with a smile.

"I'll see you around," said Colin as he walked off and girls followed after him. Caz and Lilly looked at him until he was out of our sight. I think I had been staring at him too.

"What are you three staring at?" Paul asked.

"Nothing," we all said.

"Back to what I had been saying, are you two coming to the party," asked Lilly.

"I don't know," began Caz.

"You have to. Besides I bet he'll be going," said Lilly.

"You mean Colin?" I asked her too quickly which got me a weird stare from Paul.

"Yeah I bet he will be there," smiled Lilly.

"I'm in," Caz and I said at the same time. Paul looked at me weirdly again as we carried on towards our first lesson of the day.


I started chucking my tops to the ground. None of these are good enough. What am I going to wear tonight?

"Where are you going?" asked my sister as she stood at my door.

"Out," I stated.

"Where you idiot," she said annoyed.

"Like you care," I said.

"I was just wondering," she said before she went downstairs.

I hate parties and I hate dressing up but Colin is going to be there tonight. I know you probably think I am the most selfish man on the planet right now. I'm dating Trish and I care more about the new hot guy, Colin. I hate myself but I still can't stop myself going to this party so I could just see more of Colin.

I chucked myself onto my bed giving up. Whatever I wear he isn't going to care anyway. He isn't going to like me. He has all those girls after him. It's clear he wouldn't want me in a hundred years. Besides I don't even know if I'm gay or having a mental breakdown. Why can't my life be easier? Why does it have to be me with these stupid feelings?

I went back over to my wardrobe and decided to wear a tight pair of jeans some boots and a white t-shirt. I tied a jacket around my waste encase it cold on the way back from the party. I decided to leave the mess and head downstairs. I found my sister at the island in the middle of the kitchen drinking a can of coke.

I went over to the fridge grabbing a can of coke before sitting opposite my sister. "What you doing tonight then?" I asked her.

"I'm going to a party and I believe you are coming too. I heard your foolish friend Paul talking about it. He actually asked me to go with him. Your friend is such a retard. Anyway I declined because he is a waste of space and secondly I got asked out by the new guy. His name is Colin and he is so dreamy," she said softly.

My mouth dropped open in shock. Colin had asked my sister out? Is he insane? My sister is a complete cow and doesn't deserve someone so hot like him. Why is it my sister always seems to end up with the guys I wish I could be with? I sound like more like a girl than ever. Maybe I am gay?

"What is your problem!" she shouted at me. I looked at her before I spoke, "You work quickly," I said.

"He asked me you idiot," she said as she got up and left the kitchen. I slumped onto the table. This party is going to be great.


I sat on a train. No one had told me this party was a train ride away. Bloody great, not. What is worse is the fact that my sister and Colin are cuddled up nearby and the song called Love you anyway by Boy zone is being played. Oh please kill me! I slumped down in my chair trying to block out the thoughts of Colin.

I got up from the chair and headed towards the toilet on the train. I can't handle this any longer. I walked passed my sister and Colin before I walked straight into someone. Whoever it was kissed me directly on the lips.

I pulled away to find it was Trish. "I've missed you," she said as she hugged me.

"I've missed you too," I struggled to say. I saw Colin looking at us. He is so hot!

"I've got to use the loo," I explained as I pulled away from her and rushed into the toilet. You can just imagine what I did next.

It felt good to arrive at the party a while later.

"This is what you have been missing!" shouted Lilly over the music.

"Not much then," laughed Caz.

"I can't believe your sister is here with, Colin. He only started school today," said Caz.

"He asked her."

"I'll go get us a drink," I said to Trish as I headed over to the table with the food and drink. As I reached it and went to pour a drink I bashed into a six foot guy.

"Watch it," he said to me.

"I am sorry," I began.

"Move it along, Jerrod," said Colin as he came up behind me. The guy known as Jerrod walked away.

"Thanks," I said to him.

"Don't mention it. He is my younger brother. He managed to get the tall gene," he laughed.

"And you got the sexy gene," I laughed.

"What?" said Colin.

"Nothing," I said as I poured two drinks out.

"So you're dating Trish then. I've heard she is the most popular girl in your year," said Colin.

"You could say that," I said as I went to leave.

"Arrow.....," he began but my sister came storming over and took his hand. "Come on let's dance," she smiled as she dragged him onto the dance floor.

"Bye," Colin managed.

I shook my head before I went to find Trish. My sister is one lucky cow. I would do anything to dance with Colin. Oh crap I need to stop thinking like that.

This party sucks!


Chapter 4 complete hehe.

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