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The Return of Delilah by endlesshopeful_
The Return of Delilahby L.B. Reyes
Two hearts. Two souls. One child. A brave man, working hard to give the best life to his family. A selfish woman, who hasn't really come to terms to her new reality. She...
Love Is Made Not Bought by sunnygirls37
Love Is Made Not Boughtby ✨🐝✨
One shot stories most all of them are going to be graphic Adult themes, read at your own risk //ADULT THEMES// // READ AT YOUR OWN RISK//
Friends Vol. 2 by deXiaoSimp
Friends Vol. 2by Xiao ❤️
Second part of the story of best friends who became fwb but this time she's got a nasty surprise for him hidden up her sleeve. Wanna know what all unholy sins they're ab...
Twenty-one Houses [Ryan Destiny & Keith Powers] by sincerelynoir
Twenty-one Houses [Ryan Sincerely Noir
Dealing with an abusive Uncle took a toll on Kennedy. However her friendship with Diya kept her sane, sometimes even alive. Diya meant everything to Kennedy, but when co...
My daddies? by animeisinfintiy
My daddies?by animeisinfintiy
There are swearing and adult scenes. Explanation: Lora, who stays in the orphanage, is adopted. Lora, who thinks she will have a normal family, is shocked to learn that...
Kips weakness by boerseunlaaitie
Kips weaknessby kyle ryke
Joey had a crush on on uncle ever since he met the giant hunky beast of a man. Uncle Kip was the manliest handsome man his ever met. Discovering the power and love. But...
chaz x reader headcanons and maybe oneshots by Kelly7045326
chaz x reader headcanons and Kelly
there's a severe lack of chaz x reader and I'm a simp
7 days with Keigo  by _keigos_songbird_
7 days with Keigo by yiyi
♡ Keigo Takami x Reader
My One Night Stand With The Mafia Boss by meow_191
My One Night Stand With The Lady Caroline
A one night stand changes Lisha's life forever after she discovers that she had slept with the Mafia boss himself.
A Classroom Affair by violetbrinley
A Classroom Affairby violetbrinley
A story in which a Professor and his student find themselves in a situation frowned upon by society, considered 'taboo' by most. Scarlett realizes that Mr. Irwin has be...
Spotlight by kristentaylor16
Spotlightby Kristen Oldham
When superstar Kade Hendrix steals Ivy's song, she falls into his world of public scrutiny-and his arms-just as the rest of her world falls down around her. Ivy is sure...
Bystander || A Toji x Y/n story by Casca_04
Bystander || A Toji x Y/n storyby Casca
"You don't know how far I'd go for that man." A Y/n x Toji story that dates back to his dreadful past. For a better experience read in dark mode ;) Contains An...
Could you handle it by JeffreyHammond8
Could you handle itby Jeffrey Hammond
This is a true story of a sexual experience I had with an amazing lover.
A Sense of Guilt ✔ by MichelleSmith473
A Sense of Guilt ✔by Michelle Smith
The last thing Shannon Slater wants to do is attend the wedding of her ex Joe, the last thing he wants to do is invite her. However when his mother gets hold of the gues...
A Stranger's Proposal by sweetpeasdiamonds
A Stranger's Proposalby misskaimen
All it took was 8 shots of tequila and a hot stranger for Lilian to throw all of her self control out the window, leaving her hung over the next day and pregnant a coupl...
His Mate, Enchanting by CamelliaDubois
His Mate, Enchantingby Ellika Snow
"Mistress, your brother requests an audience." A butler informed his mistress who sat in the darkness of her throne room. "Did he say why?" The mistr...
The Wolf King | A Fantasy Romance by LEPalphreyman
The Wolf King | A Fantasy Romanceby LAUREN PALPHREYMAN
[now published!] When a princess is kidnapped by an alpha, war rages between the humans and the wolves. But soon, forbidden attraction starts to grow. . . --- Princess A...
𝐑𝐄𝐅𝐑𝐀𝐈𝐍 : alastor x reader by -bandaid
𝐑𝐄𝐅𝐑𝐀𝐈𝐍 : alastor x readerby ˏˋ°•*⁀➷z
¡! ❞ alastor x reader, the mistake of engaging with the enemy
Poetic Side Effects  by AudacityAllie
Poetic Side Effects by Allie
Broken poetry. Imperfect and I don't care to be anything different. My vices, my struggles.