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7 days with Keigo  by _keigos_songbird_
7 days with Keigo by yiyi
♡ Keigo Takami x Reader
Alpha King Amir by KaeoticThoughts
Alpha King Amirby Kae🌙🌻
WARNING: This book contains themes of violence and sexual acts that may not be suitable for some audiences. Please read with caution. Making something forbidden makes i...
Joe Biden's girl by Chantellethecool1
Joe Biden's girlby Chantellethecool1
You met Joe Biden and he has made you his slut
The Time I Bought a Demi-Human by JutZoak9
The Time I Bought a Demi-Humanby Justin K. Johnson
The day has finally come where I have saved up enough money for my own Demi-Human. I've been told how wonderfully useful they are. They can clean, cook, and do pretty m...
Porn Star by StraightUpFreak
Porn Starby Vore Writer
The year is 2025, tinies have been discovered as a new race of humans but size discrimination still runs rampant. Lisa and Jessica are two tinies from two different worl...
Afterglow by kristentaylor16
Afterglowby Kristen Oldham
Kate returns home to find her old childhood bully determined to be in her life, but the closer he gets, the closer he comes to unraveling the secrets of her past she is...
Lost In You by LunaMLee
Lost In Youby LunaMLee
Tristan & Violet ~~Insert From Story~~ Tristan leaned against a table, pulling me between his spread legs. He tightened his grip around me, holding me until the guy lef...
The Con (18+) by Kaci-Writes
The Con (18+)by Kaci
I'm Stone Bryant, con artist extraordinaire. I like women. Rich women to be exact. They're my ticket to the designer clothes, expensive jewelry, and the credit cards in...
Kips weakness by boerseunlaaitie
Kips weaknessby kyle ryke
Joey had a crush on on uncle ever since he met the giant hunky beast of a man. Uncle Kip was the manliest handsome man his ever met. Discovering the power and love. But...
Raven by Silverspages
Ravenby Silver
Reaching his hand out, he grasped my chin, forcing me to look up at him. "You look so pretty kneeling next to my cock." He lazily smiled. His eyes were dark wi...
Sarah Paulson's Characters - Oneshots by SourTheSour
Sarah Paulson's Characters - Vigoshi
a series of Oneshots featuring the characters of Sarah Paulson in AHS and other films/shows. I do not own any of the characters. Please read the first page for more info...
Beautiful Stranger by LunaMLee
Beautiful Strangerby LunaMLee
**Insert from story** "You have kind eyes." He said, holding my gaze. "You look innocent." That was on purpose. "Are you ever going to tell me...
The Witcher And The Ageless Slave  by Lirix123
The Witcher And The Ageless Slave by Lirix
A witcher comes across a slave in a barn next to the inn he is staying in when he is going to on a monster hunt. Jaskier is immediately in love with her and slowly it be...
A Loud Dance | Macaque×Reader by MistressLimerence
A Loud Dance | Macaque×Readerby Miss Limerence
How did every story go for everyone? Perhaps grow up with or without a family, find someone to love or make an enemy or two. For you? Well it's unwritten and untold. (Y...
Mr.Billionaire and Me✔ by shanwillkeess
Mr.Billionaire and Me✔by Shanwill Kees
For him it was love at first sight but for her it was just an act of kindness. Will she fall for his charm ? Will he give her the live she has been dreaming about since...
loin. i love the way your heartbeat season 2  by taeulvkim
loin. i love the way your taeulvkim
This is season 2 of "loin. I Love the way your heartbeat" The story of season 1 will be continued in these books, if you haven't read season 1 then you should...
Mated to a fairy by Seckley
Mated to a fairyby Seckley
Not knowing about her true identity she leaves in the human realm but will she accept her true form when the truth is finally revealed? And after so many years of Dean l...
The Baby Contract Book II (The Contract Wife) by oriana_celine
The Baby Contract Book II (The 「️✞️Oriana Celine✞️」️
The story continues as Layla successfully got pregnant, and fool everyone. But what would be the consequences of marrying a man for marrying a man, with a heart as cold...
Spare Time (W.I.P) ONLY 2 PARTS by Jay10455
Spare Time (W.I.P) ONLY 2 PARTSby JJ
Hello there! I'm Jay. Your comfort helper. today I will take you on your journey through spare time. enjoy your stay with me! We will have so much fun in our home town D...