Chapter Twenty three: Accepted

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I climbed out the car with my sister first as Colin stopped the engine and climbed out too. Colin parks right near the school but not too close. We walked around the corner to see all the students piling into the school building. Colin took my hand.

“It’s going to be alright,” he nodded to me smiling.

“I’m sorry,” said Izz.

I looked at Izz. “It’s all in the past. Let’s go,” I cheered as I walked towards the building with Colin’s hand in mine and my sister walking right beside me. The time we reached the doors to go in I noticed people began to stare but I ignored them walking into school with a smile on my face.

I’m not going to let them get me down. My family has forgiven me, Caz is still my best friend and Colin loves me. I don’t need anything else because nothing else really matters. I want Paul and Lilly to accept me as who I am but that may never happen. If they can’t accept me, I guess they aren’t my true friends.

I spotted Paul and Lilly by their locker. I tried to keep my thoughts on Colin who still had his hand in mine. We stopped outside my locker. I pulled out my key, unlocked it and searched for my English book. I found it, pulled it out and closed my locker again. By this time a number of people were staring at me, Colin and my sister.

“Hey you two better get to your form,” I said to them.

“I really wish I didn’t have to leave you,” said Colin looking sad.

“Hey, we will see each other at break. Meet you outside,” I smiled to him as I leaned in for a kiss. We both kissed before pulling away. I watched as Colin and my sister walked away. I sighed. Being with Colin only meant one thing. I only get to see him at break and lunch time because he is in year thirteen and I’m only in year eleven.

I took a slow walk to my form and I noticed Paul and Lilly behind me. I wonder if they are just going to ignore me. I don’t even want to go over to them right now encase they blank me and make me look like an idiot and I’ve had enough of people thinking bad stuff about me for a life time and I don’t want to add to it.

I reached form and headed inside. I saw Caz was already sitting down. She waved at me and I smiled. I went over to the desk and slumped down next to her. “Arrow it’s great to see you back,” she smiled.

“Yeah people won’t stop staring though but I don’t care,” I shrugged it off.

“How did your family take it?” asked Caz.

“Very badly but they came around. They have accepted me now,” I told her.

“That is fantastic,” said Caz as she brought me into a hug.

“Yeah I’m really happy right now. I’m not letting everyone else put me down. Even Paul and Lilly,” I said as they both walked into the classroom.

“Yeah, they haven’t even spoken to me much. I don’t know why. They are our friends. I thought they would accept you like I did but don’t worry I’m always going to be here for you Arrow,” said Caz patting me on the shoulder as I watched Paul and Lilly take their sits out the corner of my eye.

I sat through form keeping a close eye on Paul and Lilly. I noticed most of the form kept giving me a dodgy look now and again but Paul and Lilly didn’t look at me once. Are they purposely trying to ignore me? Do they hate me that much?

The bell rang and I saw Paul and Lilly rush out the classroom first. “They are just ignoring me,” I said to Caz as we both got up and headed out the classroom.

“Yeah that’s what they keep doing with me too. I mean I could have gone up to them but why should I when their being like that,” said Caz and I nodded to agree.

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