Chapter Fifteen: One painful word

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I sat on the sofa watching TV its Monday after school. Colin has been living with us for three days now and to be honest apart from saying hi to Colin nothing has really changed. What had I expected? I really don't have an answer to my own stupid question. I did it for my sister but at the same time I did it for selfish reasons too.

How could anyone like me once they found out what I am doing to Trish and how I'm so jealous of my sister? Maybe I don't deserve someone as nice and friendly as Colin. Maybe I deserve to be alone forever...sounds about right.

I flicked through the channels wondering what to watch but I couldn't find anything on. As I turned off the TV I heard the front door open. Dad must be home from work as he went back today. I stood up as he entered the front room.

"Evening dad," I said to him.

"Evening Arrow you okey?" he asked me.

"I'm good," I said to him.

"How are you and Trish?" he asked me. I had hoped he wouldn't bring that up but he is my dad after all so I should have expected that. I sighed and my dad looked at me weirdly.

"She said she forgave me but if anything like that happens again she may not be so forgiving," I said to him.

"That's good then. I know you won't let it happen again and I'll make sure you don't Trish is a girl you don't want to lose," he said to me.

"So everyone keeps telling me," I sighed as I left him in the front room and headed for the stairs.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"To my room...," I said confused.

"Want to help me make dinner?"

I look at the glimmer in his eyes before I looked towards the stairs.

"Sure I'll love to," I smiled to him. I couldn't say no to my dad since my sister and Colin are out tonight. I guess it can be a father and son night. I don't have that often these days so I can't complain.


"Arrow," I heard my name being called. I opened my eyes to find Colin leaning over my bed. I jumped from surprise and smacked my head against his.

"Colin what the heck!" I shouted at him at he backed away rubbing his own head.

"I'm sorry but you over slept," he said to me.

"Oh really?" I asked him.

"Yeah you missed school," he said to me.

"What? My dad is going to kill me!" I shouted as I went to get out of my bed.

"Not to worry your father and sister are up the hospital your mum has gone into labour and I said I would take you there by bus once you woke up," he smiled at me.

"Oh right...They said she was due any day now I thought they would be wrong," I laughed.

"Yeah they normally are," laughed Colin winking at me. Did he just wink at me? Does he just have that natural way of charming a guy or flirting? I swear he is flirting with me but I must be imagining it. Why would he flirt with me right?

"Now we are alone for sure I need to talk to you about something," said Colin.

"Could we maybe do this at a less important time," I said to him as I got out of bed and took off my top without thinking as I rushed around to find a shirt I felt Colin turn me around to face him and his lips softly touched mine.

I let Colin kiss me. I stood there and allowed him. I had always wanted this. I didn't understand it but I wasn't going to pull away but then my family clicked back to me. I pulled away from him.

I grabbed a top and stuck it on. "We should leave now," I said trying to ignore the fact that he had just kissed me, "We'll talk about what just happened later."

I left my room after that and Colin followed me. I know I should talk to him about it now but it can wait.


I sat outside with my sister and Colin. It felt awkward between me and him right now. On the bus ride here I hadn't said a word and could you blame me? What could I say or do? He had kissed me, clearly that had been something he wanted to tell me but why would he kiss me when he is dating my sister.

He can't be gay right? What if he is? Nah he is with my sister so that wouldn't make sense or would it? I really don't know what to think would you? I sighed putting my head in my hands. All I can think about is that kiss, his soft lips and his presence around me. He makes me feel loved and that kiss just its hard to explain but I want to do it again.

"Kids you can come in now," said the nurse. Izz and I got up and went into the room to find out dad holding a baby girl and mum holding a baby boy. My mouth dropped open in happiness and disbelief. They both looked so beautiful.

I went over and mum gave me the boy. "His name is Zack and I know he will turn into a lovely hansom young man just like you one day," she said to me. I looked down at my new brother and smiled.

"I think he will to," I smiled down at him knowing I would be the best brother I could be to him.

"This is Madison," smiled my dad as he handed her to my sister. In that moment I forgot about everything and all the problems I had because Madison and Zack right now was all that really mattered.

After a while I went back outside and was left with Colin. I got up to go get a drink from a machine but Colin followed me.

"Hey Arrow about what happened back there," began Colin.

"I know we need to talk about it," I said slowly.

"I'm sorry Arrow but it was a mistake. It was just something I wanted to do in the moment I'm sorry," he said to me. I looked at Colin and my heart sank so deep into my chest I thought it would shrink to a pea.

Who knew One Painful word could mean so much. How could he kiss me and then go say that? Maybe he isn't the guy I thought he was...


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