Hi i am Emma but you can call me Em or Emzy too if u want haha. I've been writing since 9 

I am also a huge fan of Merlin tv series done by the bbc and I am still addicted too it.

Merlin will always be my favorite show no matter what. It still lives in my heart. I just want to share Merlin with all the fans that love it, even though its now over. Besides I will always continue to love and adore Merlin which will mean plenty of MERLIN fan fics from me :)

There are a lot of Merlin fan fics i write so its up to you which ones you like to read. Just have a look and i hope there is something i write which you will enjoy.
People I love on Wattpadd

http://www.wattpad.com/user/layd33_Zana She is awesome and so are her stories she has two one direction fan fics on @TwoHearts2 as well check them out: Murray, prat, mother hen and Louis

At the moment I am going through a craze of The Sarah Jane Adventures (As in Luke Smith)
You can find Luke Smith Adventures in my works. I am putting a lot of effort into right now. If you check it out hope you enjoy!

Other TV shows i like

The Sarah Jane Adventures
Doctor who
Hawaii five-o
Waterloo road
Legends of Tomorrow
The Flash
The Fosters


Fav books

Percy Jackson
Jimmy Coates
Alex Rider
Harry Potter

Fav movies

Harry Potter
Bridge To Terribietha
The hole
Journey to the centre of the earth
Percy Jackson
The karate kid
Pirates of the Caribbean
Journey 2
The Hunger Games

But these ones are the main ones ^_^


Death Note
Dragon Ball Z
One Piece
Full metal alchemist

Other things include i like
Final Fantasy
Kingdom hearts

I'm always willing to talk to people no matter what it is. I love to make new friends so don't hesitate to ask and if you need a crazy random covo I'M GAME!
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EmmaWilliams66 EmmaWilliams66 Aug 25, 2016 08:14PM
Next chapter of Luke Smith Adventures is up! Chapter Forty. Warning this chapter is quite long, dramatic more time travel and sad :( but still hope you enjoy thanks if you are reading!
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Sarah Jane Adventures (Set After Series 3)

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Description: What if Luke never goes to University early but stays an extra year at school with Rani and Clyde. What Adventures will be sprung upon them with Sarah Jane at there side. Will the Nightmare man break through...


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