Chapter Eighteen: My sister has ruined my life

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One way to get your sister to hate you even more then she already does is to make out with her boyfriend. Maybe I deserve this. I did pretty much just steal her boyfriend away from her but can I help that? How can I help that I love Colin and he loves me back. You can’t help but who you fall in love with.

The worst part is the fact that she now knows I’m gay. Colin said it would ease of and she would accept me being gay but I wasn’t so sure. I feared this would happen. I feared that me being gay would get out there and destroy me. I have to trust my sister to keep it a secret from school and at home.

I haven’t dared to ask her though because she will probably bite my head off if I go anywhere near her or speak to her right now. She has spoken to Colin but very briefly and that was to tell him to get out her room. Colin is sleeping in with me now. My parents haven’t noticed which I am grateful for as I didn’t want them getting suspicious.

As much as I love Colin I don’t know loads about him and one reason I love him was the fact that he did have some sort of mystery about him. “Arrow are you alright?” asked Colin as we lay on my bed next to each other.

“Honest truth not really, my sister hates me,” I said to him.

“She doesn’t hate you,” he began.

I sat up looking at him. “She does, you heard what she said. She won’t even look at me anymore. She is disgusted in both of us and disgusted that I am gay. I knew this would happen,” I said annoyed.

“Arrow please calm down,” Colin said softly to me. His Irish accent made me melt and lay back down beside him. I can’t resist him.

“You’re afraid too,” I said to him.

“Maybe I am but we can get through this together right? I never wanted to come open that I am gay, never but Arrow I don’t want to hide that fact that I love you and want to be with you. I was afraid before, terrified because I didn’t know why I am like this, why I only like boys but I don’t hate myself any longer or regret anything because it has led me to this moment with you. I’ll love being gay because I can be with you,” said Colin taking my hand and putting his lips gently to mine.

I embraced Colin kissing him back, taking in his body and his charm. After everything I had been through, after all the crap and even as it continues I now have Colin. If everything else is crap at least being with Colin can make my life that little bit better. I’m with the person I love and not many people can get that, so I am grateful.

“Maybe you are right Colin. Maybe I need to calm down and stop overreacting,” I smiled at him. Colin took my hand right before putting his other hand up my top touching my chest.

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