I sat down in the sitting area just outside a hospital room where my mum and dad are. My eyes are red and my face still wet from crying. I lay my head against my sister's lap and she stroked my hair. As much as we didn't get on, right now we only had each other and we both love our parents no matter what has happened.

I was angry with my parents any kid would be right? But I'm no longer angry, that's all gone and all I feel now is sadness and I want them to both be back home safe and sound and not close to death. Why did this have to happen? Everything seems to be against me lately.

What do I have in my life I should be happy about? I don't know if I'm gay or not. I don't have feelings for a girl I'm dating. My sister is dating Colin the only guy in my school that I now like and I'm grounded. This couldn't be more unfair. However this just tops it all off and I have no idea what to do with myself.

I felt my eyes close and I drifted to sleep knowing my sister was with me and my parents were close by. "What are you saying?" I heard my sister's voice.

"They are both going to make a full recovery but we are concerned about the baby," spoke a soft voice.

"The baby?" asked my sister clearly confused as much as I was. I opened my eyes to find myself lying on the two seats with my sister's jacket over me keeping me warm. I sat up slowly to find my sister and a doctor talking near the corner. I wiped my eyes and put my hand through my hair.

 "They didn't tell you?" he asked.

"No they didn't," my sister said.

"Don't worry it'll be fine."

My sister's eyes met mine and she smiled at me. I couldn't find a smile and instead put my eyes to the floor. I heard footsteps approach me and I found my sister kneeling in front of me.

"Everything is going to be fine. It'll work out for the best, don't you worry about it," she grinned.

My sister didn't understand. Maybe right now she was trying but it wasn't enough. I love her as much as my parents but I still can't help but feel angry towards her as most of what has gone wrong in my life lately is her fault. Maybe I just want someone to blame and she is an easy target but I'm still blaming her.

This is not as easy as snapping your fingers and everything is going to be okey. I'm fifteen and I even know that. Is she in denial? Even if our parents are going to recovery there not going to be out of hospital straight away and if mum is pregnant the baby might die if something goes wrong.

I wonder why they hadn't told us. It would have been nice to know we are going to have a new brother or sister. I pushed my feelings aside on that for now; I'm more concerned about what is going to happen until they are out now.

"What happens now?" I asked her.

"You know Uncle Jim," my sister began. I looked at her with my face dropping even more if that was possible. Uncle Jim she has got to be kidding me. Uncle Jim is a drunk and smokes about sixty fags a day. I'm surprised he still even alive. The last time I heard he was traveling with his new girlfriend. I take he is back in town.

"We have to stay with him?" I asked her.

"It's only while mum and dad gets better, then it'll go back to normal," she smiled.

"He doesn't like me," I said to her.

"That was years ago he has changed now," smiled Izz.

"I hope you are right...do they even know what happened when," I said but she cut across.

"No but otherwise we would have to go further meaning we won't be able to go to our school and see our friends. You don't want that right?" she asked.

"No, I don't want that," I said.

"Good so let's just go along with it," she smiled. I nodded.


Being squeezed into the back of a car beside two smelly stafs who both clearly needed a wash was the last thing I wanted. Uncle Jim had picked us up from the hospital with his seven seater car. I thought there would have been plenty of room since it's a seven seater car but I was mistaken.

Izz is up front with Jim and his girlfriend Hayley. If I had two words to describe her it would be complete bitch! She is stuck up her and Jim's ass and is just as bad as our uncle maybe even worse. The dog beside me began to sniff me and I had to move a little bit before he dribbled on me.

I'm the one who gets stuck right at the back. The rest of the seats are being taken up by boxes. I have a funny feeling what is inside them too but I hadn't bothered to ask. I'm trying to avoid talking to my uncle too much as we never use to get along and I got a bad feeling it still be like that now.

It's only Saturday evening and we got to deal with our uncle likely at least a week. I think before the week is up something is going to go wrong but I'm trying to think positive. Finally we pulled outside our uncle's house. Most of my stuff is at our house but he said we are going to pick it up tomorrow something about he has plans and has no time to do it tonight.

Probably going out to piss it up, maybe even take a few drugs or even sell them. Maybe I could go out tonight since my uncle has no clue that I am grounded. I quickly pulled out my phone avoided the stafs dribble and dialing Paul number.

"Hey Arrow why you been ignoring my texts?" he asked me over the phone.

"I'm sorry Paul my mum and dad got into a car crash. Meet me at the park in about half hour I'll explain all," I said before I hung up on him before he answered.

I climbed through the car with the dogs on my tail until I got to the door to find Jim, Hayley and Izz about to go into the house. I tried to open the door but it was locked. Great!

I banged on the window and Izz turned back and looked at me. I think she said something to Jim I couldn't hear her before Jim chucked her his keys and headed into the house. Izz came rushing back and unlocked the car. I pulled open the door and got out after the dogs rushed passed me before slamming the door behind me.

"See I told you this would happen," I said annoyed.

"It was an accident," said Izz.

"No he forgot I was in the back with the dogs and so did you!" I shouted at her.

"Calm down," she retaliated back.

"If I have to deal with this you don't mention a word I am grounded," I said. She looked at me and nodded, "Fine."

How I am going to deal with Uncle Jim and Hayley for a week is a mystery to me but I do hope I can because I don't want to go further away and I wanted to be as close to the hospital as ever as they said we can visit them next week at some point which I can't wait for.

The only thing that concerned me was the fact through all these problems I wish I could see Colin or speak to him because when I'm near him he seems to make me feel good inside.


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