Chapter Twenty: At least I have Colin

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I pulled my bag out from the back sit closing the car door and I turned around to find Colin behind me. He took the bag from me adding to his load already. “I can carry it,” I said to him.

“It’s ok I’ll carry it,” said Colin as he headed towards the door to his house. I followed after him. As Colin’s hands were full I knocked on the door instead and Colin smiled as I did it.

The door opened up to reveal a woman who looked a bit like Colin and had the same black hair and deep blue eyes that I could never stop staring at when I’m with Colin. “Oh honey it’s so great to see you,” she said pulling Colin into an embrace making the stuff in Colin’s arm slip nearly from his grasp but I made sure they didn’t fall which made his mums attention full on me.

“Mum, you know when you said that I need to stop pretending and start to be myself,” he said to her.

“You finally accepted that you’re gay,” she beamed.

“Yeah I have and this is Arrow my boyfriend. I know this is going to be asking you a lot but his parents found out about him being gay and they are not as open to the thought then you and dad are. I want to ask if he could stay with us for now?” asked Colin looking at his mum then to me.

“You are very much welcome into our home and I think me and my husband owe you to finally convince him or accept himself for who he is,” said his mother as she put her arm around me and wheeled me into her house Colin following behind us closing the door.

“It’s lucky Colin has a double bed.”

“Mother,” said Colin.

“What I’m stating the truth,” she grinned.

“Mother we do need to still speak about what happened with the money. I don’t think you should punish him,” said Colin.

“He maybe your brother but what he did. It’s the last straw and made us believe it was you. I think boarding school is our only hope,” she explained to Colin as she let her arm slide from me as she headed over to Colin.

“I don’t know mum. It may make him worse,” said Colin.

“It’s too late anyway. He is leaving tomorrow,” she said to him.

“That’s fast,” said Colin looking concerned.

“It’s for the best. Why don’t you show Arrow your room? Dinner will be ready in about an hour,” she smiled before she left us in the front room and headed into the kitchen that stood opposite the front door. I couldn’t see the stairs anywhere though.

“Before you ask where the stairs are there just through that gap there. The way the house was built. Come on I might as well show you the room you will be staying in with me,” smiled Colin as he led the way to the space in the wall. I followed right after him and found him climbing metal stairs going up in a spiral.

I followed him. When I reached the top Colin was half way across the landing opening the far end room door. He waited for me to get to him and allowed me in first him following right behind me. His room had warmness to it. His double bed only took half of the room with enough space for a desk with a computer on it, a wardrobe and a spare part of the room not taken up at all.

 “My TV had been there but my brother broke it,” said Colin.

“Does he have behaviour problems?” I asked him.

“Yeah pretty much but do you think he deserves boarding school?” asked Colin.

I shook my head. “No one does.”

Colin put his and my stuff on the floor before he took my hand and we both sat down on the bed. “I thought I could protect him. I thought I could try keep him grounded but I’ve failed him. I’m sorry you have to deal with this right now. It’s the last thing you need,” he said to me.

“Hey we both deal with our problems together I want that more than anything. You can count on me,” I said to him.

“You can count on me too,” smiled Colin before his lips pressed against mine. I put my left arm around his waist and put my right hand on Colin’s head trying to embrace him more as our tongues began to swirl around it others like we were born to do this.

“I love you,” said Colin as his lips left mine.

“I love you too,” I smiled as Colin smirked at me. Colin grabbed onto my top and pulled it off being chucking me onto the bed before climbing on top of me and his lips touching mine. He pushed himself against me rubbing against my groin.

“Colin,” I whispered.

“Yes sexy,” he winked at me.

“You might want to stop doing that,” I insisted.

“Why,” he giggled.

“You’re entering something you may not be able to finish,” I said to him seriously.

“Oh really? We will see about that,” said Colin as he pulled off his own top before he began to kiss me slowly down my chest sending a chill down my spine but in a romantic and sexy way.

“Colin please,” I begged him as his kisses got ever closer to my waist.

“I can’t help it. I love you and your body,” Colin whispered as his eyes found my zip and button to my skinny jeans. I quickly sat up and bombarded Colin onto the bed and I now was on top of him with my chest leaving a little gap between us.

“You’re going to get it now Colin,” I laughed as I found his belt and undid it. I unzipped his jeans and undid his button before I yanked his trousers down a little bit.

“No Arrow I was meant to...” but Colin stopped short as my hand slipped down his boxers.

“Oh you are big. I’m very lucky,” I winked at him.

“Hey that’s unfair now I get too feel yours,” said Colin as he flipped me onto my back. I let Colin undo my trousers and allowed his hand to slip into my boxers.

“I think I’m lucky too,” giggled Colin. As we both looked at each other smiling someone knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” asked Colin.

“It’s me,” spoke my voice.

“It’s my brother,” he said to me as he got off me and did his trousers back up and I did the same. We both sat on the bed.

“Come in,” Colin said.

The door opened to reveal a teenage boy who looked a bit like Colin but younger. “Have you heard?” he asked.

“What about, you going boarding school?” Colin asked.

“Yeah about that...I’m sorry about not telling the truth. You were right Colin I got into the wrong crowd and they made me do loads of crap I shouldn’t have done including stealing that money from mum and dad. I’m so sorry Colin,” he said to me.

“Hey it’s alright. I tried to convince them to change their minds but they’re not having it. You’re going to have to go but I will visit and try to convince them to take you out as soon as possible,” Colin smiled at him.

“You would do that for me after everything?” he asked.

“I would. I want you to meet Arrow. He is the person I was staying with,” said Colin.

“Why is he here? What about that girl Izz?”

“You know I’m gay,” Colin said.

“You mean you finally accepted it? You have finally come out?”

“I have and Arrow is the person who helped me to do that. I love him with all my heart and he is my boyfriend now,” said Colin beaming.

“I’m happy for you, I really am. It’s nice to meet you Arrow,” he said to me.

“You too,” I grinned at him. Through all Colin is going through and all I am going through I know one thing for sure. At least I have Colin.

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