Chapter Twenty Four: Is this how it ends?

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I sat on the sofa looking at a blank screen. It’s been a week since everything seemed to fall back into place. I’m now back home in my own room. My family has grown so close together it feels like nothing had ever happened. Everything within my life seems perfect.

If it was perfect though I wouldn’t be here thinking, trying to make the hardest decision I’m ever going to have to make in my life. Well it feels like that for me anyway. When I found out about Lilly I felt so bad, I wanted to make it up to her. I did everything I could think of to do just that but it didn’t happen.

Lilly is as sad and depressed as ever. I wish that would be the only thing I’m complaining about but that has nothing to do with the decision I have to make. Let me take you back to yesterday and then maybe this will become so much clearer.

One day before

“Come on Arrow hurry up,” called Colin, Paul and Caz as all three of them waited for me to catch them up. They all stood outside my house. It’s Saturday and they all have a treat for me. I have no idea what it is. I mean, what could it be?

I grabbed my keys off the side before I left the house slamming the door behind me before I stood beside them. “Can you tell me where we are going now?” I asked them. They all shook their heads. This is so out of order!

I followed them out onto the path as Colin took my hand squeezing it. “Don’t you realise what it is tomorrow?” asked Colin.

“No not really apart from it being Sunday and...” I paused realising something. How had I forgotten such a thing? I mean maybe it’s because of everything being all over the place. Everything in my life only now had got back together. That would explain why I had forgotten. Tomorrow is my birthday.

“You forgot,” laughed Colin.

“Of course I did. After everything my birthday was the last thing on my mind,” I explained to Colin.

“Oh you are so cute,” he said as he kissed me on the cheek.

“Thanks I think,” I laughed and he grinned at me.

“You got that one thing,” winked Colin.

“Don’t be so cheesy,” I laughed as we carried along the path, “Where we going then?”

“Well we know it’s nothing special but Colin is holding a get together at his house,” smiled Caz.

“You know nothing too big as he knows you don’t enjoy parties much,” said Paul.

“Unless Colin is there,” cheered Caz.

“Hey you said you wouldn’t tell anyone about that,” I nudged Colin.

“I’m sorry Arrow it was just so sweet, romantic I had to tell someone or it would have exploded out of me,” laughed Colin and I joined in laughing as well as Paul and Caz did too. We reached Colin’s house. Paul knocked on the door. We waited until the door swung open to reveal Colin’s mum.

“Happy birthday for tomorrow Arrow come on in,” she smiled as she stepped to the side to let us all in. We all headed into the house to find my family, a few friends and some people I didn’t know.

“Don’t worry they won’t bite...I’m the only one in this family who will do that to you,” winked Colin flirting with me. He does this a lot these days. I never get over them though. He is hot, sexy and mine. I loved his flirty side.

Music was being played and food had been laid out on the table in the dining room. This is nothing special, nothing big but this is exactly how I liked it. They had done something for me because they care and that is all that matters to me.

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