Chapter Thirteen: Sleeping over Trish's

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I sat on my bed in my own bedroom. I’m now back at my house and away from Jim and Hayley. I don’t have to deal with them anymore which clearly is an upside. I’m glad my father is now back at home but he still has another week off. He got signed off from work for another week from the doctor.

Mum has to stay in hospital because of the babies. Mum and dad have known months about her being pregnant but hadn’t told us.  Izz and I aren’t holding it against them. They have said the babies are due in the next two weeks but because of the accident they want mum to stay in hospital. It would be best for her and the babies.

They have been collecting baby stuff for some time and been sticking it all in the spare room. Izz and I haven’t even noticed but why would we have? We weren’t close to our parents and its sort of our thought. Izz and I made a promise we’ll try be a closer family from now on including her and me.

I’m still finding it hard not to dislike her or get angry. She has Colin and I don’t. My life still sucks when it comes down to that. To sexuality and dating clearly is confusing and not going right for me now or ever.

I need to break up with Trish before it’s too late even if I don’t want to do it or hurt her feelings. I just need to pick the right time to do that. When can I go break someone’s heart? Never if I had a choice...but clearly I don’t. I have no feelings for her what so ever. It’s best just to do it now.

It’s a Saturday afternoon. Trish wants to go out for a meal tonight. I may go with her tonight and then on Monday I’ll say it just isn’t working out. I bet that will work. I just have to do it right.


“I can’t believe it. You’re sleeping around Trish’s?” asked Paul.

“Yeah on Friday,” I said.

“Get in there man!” Paul screamed with happiness for me at my locker. Telling Trish it is over...didn’t happen. I know I should have but she asked me to sleep over hers as she loves me. Trish said she loves me. I couldn’t break up with her after that.

I closed my locker as I spotted my sister and Colin walking down the corridor. “Let’s just go to form,” I said to Paul feeling suddenly even more down then I had been before. When one thing looks up another thing brings me right back down again.

“Why you so down Friday is going to be great. I always wanted to be with Trish,” said Paul. I went to shout at him he could have her but I held my thoughts back. I couldn’t say that. It would hurt Paul’s feelings and saying that would just get into trouble.

“I don’t know. Maybe I’m just worried,” I said to him as we headed down the corridor towards form.

“No need to be worried mate,” smiled Paul.

“I guess you’re right,” I said.

“Hey Arrow wait up,” called my sister from behind me. I turned around to find my sister and Colin behind me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked my sister.

“Dad wants to go shopping with me after school. Could you maybe entertain Colin at the house for about an hour?” she asked me. I looked at Colin and nearly melted.

“Of course, I can do that,” I smiled to her.

“Thank you. We’ll see you later then,” she smiled before she walked away.

“See you later,” smiled Colin as his arm brushed against me as he walked after my sister. My whole body shivered.

“Now that is going to fun,” laughed Paul.

“Very funny,” I said as I bashed into him before we reached our form room and headed inside. Maybe that hour I could get to know Colin better. I know nothing is going to happen but spending time with him is better than nothing.


“So what did you get up at school today?” asked Colin as we both sat on the sofa leaving a sit between us.

“Nothing special but who cares you probably know everything I’m learning now being older,” I smiled in his direction.

“ what you want to do?” asked Colin.

“I’m not sure. Maybe we can play ps3 or something,” I said quietly.

“Yeah if you want, if you want to do that,” said Colin.

“What else can we do?” I asked him.

“Maybe just talk. We don’t know each other that much,” said Colin.

“Why do we need to know each other? You’re my sister’s boyfriend,” I laughed.

“Oh yeah right...” That was when an awkward silence fell between us.

“I see your face is now healing,” said Colin breaking the silence.

“Yeah it’s healing well. So I don’t look as hot now?” I asked him in a jokey way.

“Oh they may have made you look hot but you always look hot anyway,” said Colin. I swore he was blushing.

“Oh really I see and do you normally give everyone compliments like that? If we are to do that sort of thing I think you have the most beautiful voice ever,” I said it slipping out before I could really think. Colin does this to me all the time; I hate myself so much right now.

Colin looked at me. “Did you just...” he begun.

“I bet you are good at car racing,” I said as I went over to the TV to set up my PS3 and the game.

“I probably can kick your ass,” he laughed.

“Like to see you try it,” I winked at him.

We both grabbed a controller each and waited for the game to load. We picked out cars and the course we were to race on. I watched the screen waiting for the game to start.


“Come on I so won,” said Colin.

“No you didn’t. The game isn’t wrong so I won,” I laughed.

“This is lame,” said Colin and I looked at him which made us both laugh. As we both sat right next to each other on the sofa now we laughed putting our heads and arms on each other. Colin’s hands somehow linked in mine for a few seconds before we backed away a little.

“Now that was fun,” I smiled and Colin nodded.

“Arrow I really want to speak to you about something,” said Colin trying to sit more closely to me taking my hand. We heard the front door open. We both split apart grabbing the controls quickly putting on another game.

We didn’t look up until Izz and my dad came across the front room towards the kitchen with the bags. “Care to help,” said my father chucking me his car keys. I grabbed them and went outside to get the rest of the bags with Colin’s help.

We packed all the food away before Izz and Colin went up stairs. I stayed down stairs and helped dad make dinner as yesterday his dinner turned out burnt and we had to get pizza.

“Arrow is something bothering you?” asked my father.

“No why would it,” I said to him as I went into the fridge.

“I don’t know you just seem a bit distant that’s all,” he said.

“Nope I’m fine." I grabbed the eggs.

“So I heard that you are sleeping over Trish’s,” he said.

“How do you know that?” I asked him.

“You’re sister told me. You were gonna have to tell me at some point anyway.”

“Yeah I guess,” I said to him.


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