Shock (Sakura)

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"Hey," I say. "I just really want to say that I...really like you, Sasuke..."

"UGH! No that's not gonna be good enough! Jeez, out of all the thousands and thousands of words in the dictionary I can't even tell a friken boy how I feel!" I yell in outrage.

Today is Sunday. I made it my goal to tell Sasuke I liked him on Monday. And since I want it to be perfect, here I am standing in front of my mirror, practicing. "Okay, okay, calm down Sakura. You can do this!" I reassured myself. It sounded quite pathetic.

I moaned as I sat down on my bed. Who knew confessing was so damn hard?

That's it...I'm calling Ino...

I took out my phone and dialled her. However, it went straight to voice mail. I stared a my phone in disbelief. Ino wouldn't just leave me in voice mail.

Something isn't quite right...

I then went over to my laptop and opened it. Just then my phone beeped and the suddenly there was another one. And another. And another.

The heck...?!

Tenten and Temari were spamming me like crazy. I took my beeping phone in my hands and unlocked it. I scanned through Tenten's and Temari's messages, both telling me to go to the new group chat they made. One without Ino.


Tenten has added you and 2 others

Temari named the group Big news

Hinata: What's going on?

Sakura: Yeah, what's going on?

Tenten: Okay you won't believe what we saw at the mall

Temari: Yeah

Sakura: Just tell us the story will you?

Tenten: Okay okay

Tenten: Temari and I went to the mall

Sakura: No surprise there

Temari: Shush!

Tenten: Yeah, quit interrupting me!

Hinata: Just go already

Tenten: Right, so we were at the mall and guess who we saw!

Sakura: A unicorn?

Hinata: Ino?

Temari: Correct!

Tenten: Why would there be a unicorn in a mall Sakura? Are you finally going mental?

Sakura: Oh shut up.

Temari: But that's not all, she was also with someone else!

Sakura: Who?

Tenten: You won't like this at all Sakura

Hinata: I'm sure Sakura would be able to handle it

Sakura: Wait, is it Sasuke?

Tenten: No

Temari: But he does look like him

Sakura: Who???

Tenten: It was Sai, Sakura. SAI.

Sakura: can't be...

Hinata: Why would they possibly be together?

Tenten: We don't know. We were hiding behind a clothes rack and sort of followed them.

Temari: And also, they were kind of close. It's sort of like they were on a date.

Sakura: You don't think they are a thing now do you?

Hinata: Well, they seem to be

Tenten: Yeah

Sakura: But why would she go out with him?

Temari: Again, we don't know.

Tenten: Hold up, you don't think he's the one that Ino likes do you?

Hinata: I thought it was Kiba

Sakura: Same

Temari: Yeah. And it's obvious that Kiba likes her

Tenten: Yeah it is

Sakura: So Sai was the one that Ino liked all along?

Hinata: Seems so

Tenten: Maybe Sai changed?

Sakura: I highly doubt it

Sakura: He knocked out Sasuke and pretended to be him and tried to take advantage of me

Temari: Okay, okay, so maybe he didn't?

Hinata: But I'm sure Ino knows that

Sakura: And here I was trying to call her for help...

Tenten: On what?

Sakura: Confessing to Sasuke! I can't find the right words to say! They either sounds weird, are pathetic, too long or too short

Temari: It doesn't have to be perfect Sak

Tenten: Yeah just say what comes to mind!

Hinata: I agree

Sakura: Alright...I guess

Tenten: But what do we do about the Ino with Sai problem?

Temari: What if we just wait until monday?

Hinata: Sounds good

Tenten: Yeah, maybe Ino will tell us by then

Sakura: Alright I guess...

I turned off my phone and bit my lip. So much questions filled my head but there was only one question that was repeating itself:


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