Party time (Sasuke)

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  Naruto nodded. "Yeah! I'm inviting you to my party. Don't worry, the others will also be there too, -ttebayo!" Naruto said with a grin. "Hn." I hummed and nodded. "Great! It's later, at 7:30 pm. I'll text you the address." He says. I nodded again and watched as the blonde walked away with a grin plastered on his face. Earlier, Naruto had been pestering me about the party he was hosting later. "You must be there, -ttebayo!" He had said. Kiba had also been pestering me too, though not as much as Naruto. Ugh, what am I going to do with these two idiots?

—Time Skip (to the party)—

  I walked in and was instantly greeted by loud music and flashing party lights. The smell of alcohol was powerful and tickled my nose. There were many teens, whom I recognize seeing in the hallways of Konoha High, and others who I have never seen before. Some looked like they don't even live here at Konoha.
  As I made my way through the crowd I passed by two couples making out.
  Let's just say things were getting a little heated.
  I cringed at the sight before walkinv over to the middle of the crowd. Many people danced around me, making me feel quite uncomfortable. I looked over to the side and saw the host himself, Naruto. I jogged up to him, wanting nothing more than to get out of the crowd. He smiled as soon as he saw me. "Yo, glad you can make it!" He says loudly. I nodded. "Where are the others?" I asked. "WHAT?" He screams and leans closer. I took a deep breath before yelling, "Where are the others?!"    
  "Oh! They're right there!" The blonde said and pointed over to the opposite side. It was hard to see but I spotted them. "I'll be going with them." I say and pointed at the group. He gave me a thumbs up and continued playing. I walked through the crowd of human bodies and finally made it on the other end. "Sasuke!" Ino yelled and came up to me. "You came!" Tenten, I think was her name, yelled too. I nodded. "Yo, here, try it." Kiba said and handed me what looked like beer. "No thanks." I declined and shook my head. "You don't drink?!" He screams, trying to be louder than the music. I almost didn't hear him. I don't get why Naruto has to play his music so loud. My ears feel like they're going to pop out.
  I shook my head again. "Have you ever drank before?" Shikamaru asked from his seat. I took a good look around and saw most of them holding drinks. They were all seated in a round sofa too; The types where it goes into a semi-circle. "...No." I answered. Ino's and Kiba's eyes widened. "Am I the first?" I asked. They shook their heads. "Lee is. He can't drink because he goes crazy and is hard to tame." Neji says. I nodded and took a seat. The person who I sat next to happend to be Sakura. "I'm gonna go get drinks. And Sasuke, you're drinking. No objections." Kiba ordered and walked away. "I'm coming too!" Ino says and runs after the boy. I sighed and watched as everyone interacted and chatted away. I glanced at Sakura and noticed that she also didn't have a drink. Well, a drink with alcohol in it. She had a glass of water sitting in front of her but it looked untouched. She looked at everyone with boredom in her eyes. "You don't drink either?" I asked. She shook her head. "They tried to make me once." She says. "And how did that go?" I questioned. "Bad." She answered with a laugh. She started talking about her first experience with alcohol.
  "Ino said I was singing very loudly. And I also tried to hit someone with an expensive vase." She says. "Though, I don't remember any of it. I guess you can say I'm like Lee. I go crazy when I drink alcohol."
  I nodded and smiled a little. She returned it. "We're back!" Kiba yells. He hands me a bottle and winks. "Just try." He says calmly, as if he didn't drink a single drop of alcohol. That, or he just doesn't get drunk easily.
  I took it and stared at it. "Are you going to do it?" Sakura asked. I shrugged. "You could go crazy." she warned and points at the beverage in my hand. I smirked and opened it. "If I do, make sure I don't go running down the streets in nothing but my underwear." I say and took a huge gulp.
  The alcohol had a nasty taste and felt weird after I drank it down. "How is it?" Kiba says as he slaps my back. At first I wanted to barf but I took another gulp of the drink and suddenly got used to the taste, smell, and feeling. "Honest opinion?" I asked and shook the bottle. The brunette nodded. "It's nasty." I say and drank some more. Kiba laughs loudly and punched my arm. "Not bad for a beginner." I heard Shikamaru comment. Neji nodded in agreement. I smirked and finished the bottle. The music, the yelling, the lights— it all seemed natural now. I felt weird but normal at the same time. Are these the affects of alcohol?
  I noticed Ino pushing a drink towards Sakura. "Come on forehead! Have fun!"  
  "You know what happended last time, Ino. 2 people got sent to the hospital." Sakura says. Was it really that bad? Was she really that drunk? These questions filled my head but I didn't say anything.
  I looked back at Sakura and noticed that she lost her argument with Ino. She sat beside me and stared into her drink. "Vodka?" I asked and stared in the cup too. "How did you know?" She asked and shakes the cup. The drink swirled, making a small, tiny tornado. I shrugged and sipped my drink again.
  "Are you going to drink that?" I asked. "Yes I am." She replied. I smirked and watched as she drank her vodka. "Haven't had this in a while!" She yells. At that moment I saw a different Sakura. The happy, and loud Sakura. She kept drinking and talking. "And—" but she got interrupted. We both turned around and came face to face with a boy with dark hair and very, very, very, pale skin. Sakura's smile instantly faded and was replaced by a serious expression. "Sakura." The male greeted. "Sai." Sakura acknowledged. "It's nice to see you here." Sai says. "Likewise." Sakura replied. She looked so serious; the old Sakura long gone. She doesn't even look drunk.
  "How have you been?" The pale male asked again.

"Good." Was her only answered.

"How about you?"


"Right. Because of your new girlfriend I assume?"

"Look Sakura, I said I was sorry."

"Sorry won't cut it." Sakura snapped.

Could he be her ex?

I tried to ask but it seemed like I was being ignored by the two.

"Sakura, I just came here to talk to you." Sai said seriously.

"Then get to your point."

"I want us to get back together." Sai declared.

"What?" Sakura asked, confused.

"I really loved you Saku—"

"Loved, Sai. Past tense. You 'loved' me. But I wasn't enough for you." Sakura interjected. I stared at Sakura and saw her eyes full with hate and sorrow. "I love you. Please, I want to be with you." Sai pleaded. "And what about Karin?" Sakura asked.

Who's this Karin girl? Is she...Sai's girlfriend?

Sai didn't answer. "I thought so. You're still with her aren't you?" Sakura asked. "Yes..." Sai said shamefully. "Look, I may not like Karin that much, but she's your girlfriend. It would be rude to just steal what was rightfully hers." Sakura continued.

  "But Sakura!"

  "No, enough, you're still the same person. A jerk and a two timer!" Sakura yelled. "I love you! Isn't that enough?!" Sai yells back. I decided that it was time for me to come in between their little argument. "Sorry, but she's already got someone." I said. "And who would that be?" Sai questioned with irritation. I smirked and wrapped my arms around Sakura's waist. She tensed up but soon relaxed. She knew exactly what I was doing and didn't stop me. "Me." I say. "You?" Sai said as if I was some deadly disease.


"Then prove it." He challenged.


"Kiss her."


I leaned closer to Sakura. "W-wait, aren't s-serious aren't you?" The pinkette stammered. "It won't kill us so why not." I replied nonchalantly. "S-Sasuke, you wouldn't..!" Sakura hissed. "Oh I will." I say with a smirk before closing the gap between us.

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