Nine lives (Sakura)

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"Hey!" Someone yelled from the distance. I looked over to my right and saw Ino, along with Tenten and Hinata. "Ino, be quiet. We are in the library." I whispered. "Oops, sorry!" She apologized. "What are you guys doing here?" I asked. "To study, duh!" Tenten says as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Yeah, no kidding." I replied sarcastically and crossed my arms. "Aww, please don't be like that Sakura! I already said I was sorry about that!" Ino pouted. I clicked my tongue and looked back at my book. "What th-thing?" Hinata asked. The three of them took a seat beside me. "Back at the new bakery I accidentally pushed Sakura just to talk with Sasuke." Ino explained. "Yeah. And by push she literally shoved." I glared. Tenten laughed loudly making the librarian come over to our table. She gave us a stern look before warning us, "One more loud noise and the four of you are kicked out."
  "Hai..." The four of us say simultaneously. "So what exactly are you doing?" Ino asked and looked over my book. "Making a plan to blow up the school." I say sarcastically. She gasped dramatically. "No, Sakura! You musnt!" She whispered/yelled. "I th-thing S-Sakura wa-was being sar-sarcastic..." Hinata says shyly. "You're the only one that gets me..." I say to the Hyuga. She returned it with a shy smile. "So you're studying?" Tenten asked as she picked up one of my many books. "No shit Sherlock." I say in boredom. Can't I just study in peace? I was sending them a look that clearly says "I want to be alone so I can study".
  "You're awfully sarcastic today." Tenten pointed out. "I'm just...stressed." I replied. That wasn't a lie, I really was stressed.
"You know, studying sounds like students dying." Ino says in a smart voice. "Oh yeah it does!" Tenten whispered to the blonde. The two high fived slowly. I sighed and picked up another book. "Why are you so into this? Like, seriously, you are like...studyholic!" Ino exclaimed. "What the heck is that?" I ask. "Duh, a person who studies too much! If I were you I'd put the book down and go to a party with a bunch of boys crowding me." The blonde said while scanning a math text book. "Boys? I don't have time for boys." I say with a frown. "And don't you like someone already...?"
Ino blushed. "Well, yeah. B-but he li-likes someone else s-so...." She stuttered. "S-so you're st-starting to sound l-like Hinata." Tenten mocked her. Ino punched Tenten. "No offence." The bun haired girl said as she rubbed her arm. I swear that girl can seriously crack a punch. "None t-taken." The Hyuga replied.


"So you're just hanging out with other boys so you could forget about him?" Tenten asked after Ino finally calmed down. "Yeah." Ino replied. "Is it Sasuke?" I ask as I looked at the words of my English textbook. I wasn't really reading, I was scanning. "No." Ino says. Now this, this caught my attention. "It's not? Then why do you flirt with him?" I questioned. "Cuz I want to forget about him!" Ino says a little too loud. Luckily the librarian didn't hear us. It's like we had the nine lives of a cat. Or in this case, nine retries. "And who is this him?" Tenten and I questioned. Hinata decided to just stay quiet and watch. "Just a guy!" Ino says.

7 lives...

"Or is it..." Tenten says and gives me a knowing look. I nodded. "Kiba?!" We both said out loud.

6 lives...

"What?! No!?" Ino yelled.

5 lives...

"Oooh~ Ino's in love~!" Tenten sang.


"Shut up!" Ino growled.


"Ino and Kiba sitting in a tree~" Tenten kept singing (and very loudly may I add). I stopped talking and watched the two bicker at each other with Hinata,


"K-I-S-S-I-N-G~! First comes love then comes marriage! Then comes a baby in the baby carriage!" Tenten finished.


"SHUT UP!!!" Ino screams.


"Ino please calm down. Tenten stop. Or we are all going to—" I try to say but the librarian came by. "You four, out!" She says. "Ms, please give us another chance please—" I protest. "I'm sorry, Haruno. I know you are good but I want all the four of you out. Just come back another day." She says and walks away. I unconsciously made my hands into fists. "Sakura/S-sakura..." They all said. I took a deep breath and started packing up. "Look we're sorry." Tenten apologized. I just shook my head. "It's fine." I say reassuringly.

They all smiled and talked about how funny the angry librarian looked.

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