Reunion (Sakura)

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I walked past their table and acted as if they weren't there.
  I made eye contact with Karin. She smirked and leaned in closer to Sai.
  Too bad, it doesn't affect me anymore.
  I continued walking over to the washroom and went in one of the stalls. When I came out I saw Karin leaning against one of the stalls doors. I continued my act and washed my hands. "Oi, are you trying to ignore me, Haruno?" She yells.
  Good thing we were the only ones in the washroom.
  "What is it that you want, Karin?" I ask and stared at her from the mirror. "Oh, nothing. I just want to hear you beg and scream." She says and smirks. "Beg and scream?" I questioned and raise an eyebrow. "Don't give me that face, Haruno. You had Sai and what do I do?" She asks. She didn't let me answer. Not like I was going to answer in the first place anyway. "I stole him from you, that's what! And next I'm going to take that Uchiha boy. He's hot and he doesn't deserve to be beside the likes of you, Konoha 11." Karin said. She may be Naruto's cousin, but she clearly doesn't like him. I've seen how she act when she's around Naruto's parents and when she's not.
  You should clearly never judge people.
  "Go ahead." I encouraged her. She looked a little taken back. "Excuse me?"
  "Go ahead. Take Sasuke. I don't care," I say calmly. "F-fine! I will! Ugh, I just hate how you're so calm and always like that!" She yells. She hits the stalls door, but I wasn't effected at all.
  And with that I left the ladies room. I returned back to the table, only to see the others looking worried. "Ah! Sakura! There you are! Where were you? You were gone for so long!" Tenten asked worriedly. The others nodded. "Sorry to have you worried. I just ran into an...acquaintance. We had a little reunion, nothing to be worried about," I explained and smirked. They all stared at me. "What do I have something on my face?" I asked, my smirk fading. "N-no, I-I-it's just that y-you l-look so s-scary with th-that smirk, Sa-Sakura," Hinata said shyly. Kiba nodded and they all muttered out "scary". I shrugged and started eating cake again.

Looks like I'm 'scary' now

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