Out in the rain (Sasuke)

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"Sakura! Sakura!" I yelled. I tried looking for her everywhere but it was like she disappeared. "Sakura, where the hell are you?!" I yelled again. My voice was getting sore. "Sakura! Please.....come out!" I tried to say but my voice was getting softer and softer by the second. I cursed. Just then my phone rang. It was mom.

"Sasuke? SASUKE!" She yelled. "Mom what's going on?" I asked. There was so much problems and I just can't take another one. "Look, we have to go," she says in a panicky voice. "What? Where?" I asked. My voice cracked a little. "Anywhere, but here. You can't stay here. WE can't stay here." Mom says then I heard a loud bang and a zipper closing. "Mom, what's going on?" I asked yet again. Nothing was making sense anymore, and it's making my brain hurt. "Look, you must hurry back home," she says. "What? But I have to—"

"Sasuke! Listen to me! Hurry back, NOW." Mom interjected. I sighed and said, "fine." I ended the call and saw my contacts. I sighed again as I saw just how many times I've been trying to call Sakura (23 in case you were wondering). Shutting my phone and putting it in my back pocket, I ran back to the direction of my house. Just then I felt something wet hit my head. Then another drop. Then another, until it was pouring so hard I felt like I was going to fall face first on the road. I cursed again but continued to run faster.

Why did I wish for it to rain?!

Finally reaching my house, I slammed the door and threw my soaked bag on the floor. "Mom!" I said and took of my shoes. They were wet too. "Mom! Are you there?" I asked. I was greeted by silence. "MOM?!" I tried to yell but it came out like a screech. I felt my face flush. I shook my head and entered mom's room. "Mom I'm coming in and—" I stopped as I stepped in the room. Papers. Papers were everywhere. Clothes, books, bed sheets, pictures; they were all scattered around the room. "Mom...?" I whispered. "Over....here!" I heard a muffled voice behind the wardrobe. I ran up to it and opened it. Mom tumbled down and she fell on the papers in front of her. "Ah, thank you so much! I thought I'd never get out of that thing!" She says and combed her hair with her fingers. "You locked yourself...in a wardrobe?" I asked. "N-no! Of course not!" Mom said in surprise. "Only an idiot would d-do that!"

"Right, then what were you doing inside of it?"

"Checking what's inside?"

"Very funny, mom."

"Okay fine...maybe I did..."

"Look can you just tell me what's going on? Everything is so confusing right now."

"Ah, teenagers..."


"Alright, alright."

She then walked out of the messy room and went to the living room. She told me to sit down and grabbed a towel. She handed it over to me and sat down. "Sasuke," she says seriously. "32 years ago, I made a contract with Zeus." She continued. "That contract, was that I shall live on earth as long as I don't disrupt the humans that live here. If I broke it I'd have to go back to...well, we have to go back for my punishment." I stared at her in disbelief. "Are you saying you broke that contract and now you have to go back?" I asked. "We." She corrected. "Right, we. But then what about my mission?" I asked again. "Sasuke, it doesn't matter anymore. Just forget about it. It's over, I broke the contract and now Zeus is waiting to punish me." Mom said sadly. "B-but..." I stuttered. I can't leave. I....I just can't. "Im so sorry, Sasuke. I let you down. I'm such a horrible mother.." She cried. "Mom..." I whispered. "...It's fine. But before we leave, I have one thing I want to do first." I say. "Of course, anything." She says quickly and wiped her tears away. I nodded.

"I want to...."

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