20 questions (Sasuke)

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It's finally the day.

The day where I had to meet Sakura.

I had waited patiently for the pinkette to arrive, but after 15 minutes I got a little irritated. 15 minutes turned to 20. 20 turned to 30. 30 turned to 45. And so, I had been waiting for 1 full hour. "Sir, are you going to order?" One of the waiters asked. "...later." I replied as polite as I could.
  Just then the door opened, revealing Sakura. She made her way over to my table and started to apologize. "Sorry, Ino kept me in and I didn't realize I was late,"
  "Hn," I hummed and nodded.
  I didn't believe a single word she said.
  "You tested me didn't you?" I questioned. She looked surprised. "Well, you sure are a smart one, Sasuke. And yes I had. I wanted to know if you are a patient person." she -answered. I felt my left eye twitch. "You could've just asked." I muttered out. She chuckled then said, "Well then next time I'll make sure to come extra late."

Oh dear lord....

"What can I get for you, sir, ma'am?" The same waitress asked. "What do you want?" I asked. I didn't have to ask her at all because she was already ordering. "Oh, I want this— and this, oh! And this." she says and pointed at the menu. The poor boy wrote down the orders as quickly as he could. 6 items were listed and most of them were expensive. I suddenly felt aware of what I had in my wallet. "And you sir, what would you like?" He asked. "Water. Just water." I say. He nodded, as if he knew how I felt. "I will be right back."he says and leaves.
"Wanna play a game?" Sakura asked out of the blue. "Hn, which game?" I questioned.

"20 questions."

"All right."

"Except instead we ask questions about each other."


"Cats or dogs?"

"Cats, definitely."

"Why is your hair pink?"

"Well, my great grandmother had pink hair. My mom says I got it from her."


"Pancakes or waffles?"

"What kind of question is that?"

"Just answer Uchiha."


"You don't deserve to live."

"Excuse me?"

"Waffles are totally better."

"I didn't ask for your opinion, Haruno."

"Hai, hai, continue then."

"Your questions are pointless."

"Then ask a more personal one then."

"All right, Haruno. Though you asked for it."

"Just go."

"Have you ever had a boyfriend?"


"Have you ever had a girlfriend?"


"Are you serious?"

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