Lunch tour (Sasuke)

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  "Alright, at lunch."

This is gonna be easy...

The bell rang and all the students rushed out of the class. Some girl with red hair and thick black glasses winked at me seductively before walking out with a bunch of sluty looking girls. I scrunched up my nose in disgust and looked for Sakura. Too bad she was already out the door. Her short exotic coloured hair and petite figure wasn't so hard to miss. "Hmm..." I muttered out and slung my bag around my shoulder. "Sasuke, right?" Someone asked. I turned around and came face to face with a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. "Yes." I replied. "I'm Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto! Nice to meet you!" The boy said and extended his hand. I looked at it suspiciously before taking it.
  "Say, wanna join me and my friends for lunch?" He asked. I stopped shaking his hand and thought about it. "Sure."
  "Okay, see you later, -ttebayo!" Naruto   said before leaving. I left too, heading over to my next class.

–Time skip—

After surviving 4 more classes, it was finally lunch. Every time after class, within class (or even before it), girls had been trying to catch my attention. Especially that red head girl (Karin I think was her name...). So far, I hadn't seen Sakura in one of my classes. All I know is that we both have homeroom together.
  I sighed and opened my locker. I shoved all my books inside and didn't bother putting them in order. "Hey." Someone greeted. I turned around and immediately saw bright emerald green eyes.

  "So, ready for that tour?" She asked. I nodded and closed my locker. "Konoha High isn't that big." Sakura spoke with a monotone voice. I hummed as a reply. "That's the library and right across from it is the cafeteria."
  "I think that's pretty much it. If you get lost, you can ask anyone. Well, as long as you don't do anything bad. Just make sure you don't get into too much trouble, or else no one will help you." Sakura suggested before giving me a small smile. I nodded again. "Well, that's the end of this tour. I hope you enjoy it here, Sasuke." she added and started to leave. "Wait!" I called out and grabbed her hand. She stops and looked at me with a confused expression. "Do you know who Naruto is?" I asked. "Namikaze-Uzumaki?" She questioned. I nodded and kept a tight grip on her hand. "Of course. Everyone here knows him. He's the son of the principal. He's really popular too. Why do you ask?" She replied. "Well—" I said but got interrupted by none other than the person himself: Naruto. "Yo! Sasuke! Whe— Woah, Hey Sakura! Am I interrupting anything?" He asks and points at our hands. They were still intertwined together. Sakura let go as quickly as I did. "No, Naruto, you didn't." She answered. "Ya, sure? You two looked like you were gonna kiss." Naruto teased. Sakura tensed up. I smirked and decided to play along with Naruto. "Yeah we were about to." I wrapped my arm around her shoulder. Sakura moved back and my arm fell down. She looked irritated. "No, we weren't. And who would want to kiss this duckbutt anyway?" She says. My smirk vanished. "Duckbutt?" I repeated. "Yeah, duckbutt. It suits you..."
  My left eye twitched. Naruto laughed and slung his arms around both of our shoulders. "Wow, you guys are getting along! And here I thought I had to introduce you guys! Say, Sakura, join us for lunch. Hinata and the others will be there." Naruto pleaded. She glared at me. I returned it with a forced smile. "Fine..." She muttered out. "Great! Now let's go, -ttebayo!" Naruto yelled. The two of us were dragged along with the hyperactive blonde.

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