After school (Sakura)

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  School was finally over.

  I walked down the hallways in a good mood. But once I reached my locker my "good mood" faded. There was Ino flirting with Sasuke. She may be my best friend, and we may fight sometimes, and she may be my polar opposite and...well, I sometimes wish she wouldn't flirt with pretty much every guy she meets. I rolled my eyes and quietly opened my locker. "So, are you free this Saturday?" Ino asked. I grabbed my books and bag very slowly. It isn't bad to eavesdrop, right? I just want to know what'll happen, that's all..
  "Sorry, I'm not." Sasuke replied. "O-oh...that's too bad. W-well maybe next time then?" She questioned. "Hn. Maybe." Sasuke said. I chuckled quietly and then closed my locker. I was about to leave when Naruto came by with Hinata.

  I froze and turned around. "Naruto, Hinata." I greeted. Naruto and Hinata both smiled at me. "You wanna come with the rest of Konoha 11 to this new bakery?" Naruto asked. "Okay..." I agreed. "Ooh, I want to come too!" Ino yelled and hooked her arm around Sasuke's. "Okay, looks like Konoha 11—no, 12, is all going to go! See you guys at the parking lot!" Naruto says and walked away with Hinata, hand-in-hand.
  I sighed and slung my bag around my shoulders before walking away too. Ino and Sasuke followed shortly after. "Ne, Sakura, don't you think Sasuke's super handsome?" Ino asked when she caught up to me. I looked back at Sasuke and saw him not paying attention.
  "No, he isn't." I replied. "Omg forehead girl, you don't think he's handsome?" She asks.

  I didn't answer.
  Sasuke smirked but didn't look at us.
  It was awkward.
  Really awkward.

  I sigh and fastened my pace.

  Dear lord what have I done..?

  We stopped by Naruto's car and saw the rest of Konoha 11— no 12, there. I went in Naruto's car and sat at the back, knowing that Hinata will always have shotgun when in Naruto's car. Sasuke sat beside me and Ino beside him. It was a silent ride with only Naruto, Ino, and Hinata talking. We finally got to "Sugar cakes", the new bakery, and sat down at one of the many booths. Ino and Naruto went to get everyone's orders.
   "So, you think I'm handsome?" Sasuke asks. "What?" I growled. "Do you think I'm handsome?" He asks again with a smirk.
  Though, yes I would have to say he is quite handsome. Almost in a god-like way. But there's no way I'm admitting that to anyone, especially not him.


"Admit it."

"Admit what?"

"That you think I'm handsome."

"I already told you, I don't."

"What will change your mind?"


"Then what if I do this?"

"Do wha—"

  Sasuke suddenly leaned in closer. Really, really close. He leaned closer to my ear. "So, what do you think now?" He questioned. His voice was husky and I didn't like how it affected me.
  I didn't like it one bit.
  I grit my teeth and pushed him away. I could feel my face getting a little warmer. I looked away so he wouldn't notice. I saw him smirk. "Shut up, Baka!" I hissed. "I didn't say anything." He replied. I sighed angrily and crossed my arms.
  "U-Uhm, excuse me!" A soft voice said. I looked back and noticed a middle schooler talking to Sauske. Sasuke looked at the girl, making her squeak. "U-Uhm, A-a-are you single? I-if so p-please g-go out with m-me!" She stuttered.

This girls' got confidence...

Sasuke smirked. "Sorry, but I'm not single." he answered. I raised my eyebrow and looked at him. He placed his arm around my shoulder, his smirk never leaving. "She's my girlfriend."

She's my girlfriend.
My girlfriend.

My eyes widened as realization hit me. "O-oh I-I'm so s-sorry" she apologizes and bows. Then she leaves. Sasuke chuckled. "You should close your mouth before a fly comes and goes in." he advised. I close my mouth and glared at him. "Girlfriend? Seriously?" I asked. "It was only so she could go away. And plus, who would date you?" He says. My left eye twitched.

"Is that an insult?"

"Hn. Maybe"

"Use proper words, Uchiha!"


"Fuck you."

"Oh really? I didn't know you thought of me like that."

"No, not in that way. Who would want to do it with someone a disgusting as you."

"That hurt my feelings."


"But about your secret desires: I'm not interested, Pinky."


"Hn. Suits you..."

"Ugh, you're such a Baka!"

"A very handsome one, won't you agree?"

"Shut up!"

"Mou, can both of you stop?" Tenten complained. "You guys sound like a married couple, just saying." Kiba pointed out. Everyone agreed. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

(A/N: Sorry if Sasuke is a little OOC! He's only acting that way cuz' he has to win Sakura's heart! On to the story!)

Sasuke smirked. I glared. He looked at me with amusement. "Ahem!" someone coughed behind us. We both turned around and saw Ino. She batted her eyes at Sasuke and pushed me out of my seat.

That pig! I'll kill her then roast her on an open fire!!

I stood up and sat at another seat. I took a slice of what looked like strawberry short cake and stabbed my fork in it. "Calm down Sakura, the poor innocent cake didn't do anything to you." Tenten said while trying to hold in her laughter. At least she was trying.
  I let out a sarcastic laugh and took a bite. It was really delicious and soft. The icing melted in my mouth and the strawberries were really sweet. I calmed down a little and continued eating the delicious piece of heaven. "You seem to like the cake." Shikamaru says. "Yes. I do." I say bluntly. "Ne, Saku-chan, why we're so mad earlier?" Tenten asked. "Y-yeah, i-is s-s-something's b-bothering y-you?" The shy Hinata asked. I took another bite of my cake. "I got pushed off my seat." I say and looked at my empty plate. "Seriously? That's all?" Naruto questioned. "Who has done such an unyouthful thing to you my dear cherry blossom?! I shall give them punishment!?" Lee declared. "No, don't. It doesn't matter now." I say and reach for another slice of cake, this time being cheese cake. "Well I'd be as furious as Sakura if that happened to me," Chouji said all of a sudden. "Yeah, if you get kicked out of the buffet table," Kiba said and snorted. Shikamaru chuckled. I smiled a little and looked to my side. Ino and Sasuke seemed to be having a serious conversation. I stood up. "Huh? Where are you going?" Tenten asks. "Washroom," I say and left the table. As I was going to the washroom I saw two familiar faces.

Sai and Karin.

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