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  After an exhausting bus ride, I finally made it back home. I unlocked the front door and saw a blur come my way. A second later, long golden locks clouded my vision. Two think arms embraced me, making me take a few steps back. "Sasuke! How was school today?" Mother asked. She looked very eager and excited, which I was the opposite of right now. "Hn, later mom," I say and walked to my room. "Huh? Did something happen Sasuke? Wha—!" She questioned but I slammed the door in her face. I felt somewhat guilty. My mom was a little sensitive and I was well...not. I knew later on I'll have to apologize for my behaviour.
  I sighed and laid on my bed. Suddenly my phone beeped. It was from an unknown number.

Unknown: Hello Sasuke

Sasuke: Who are you?

Unknown: It's me, Sakura

Sasuke: How the hell did you get my number?

Sakura: Naruto

Sasuke: I see

Sasuke: What do you want?

Sakura: I wanted to apologize

Sasuke: What for?

Sakura: About earlier. Your confession.

Sasuke: Why

Sakura: I know you were just faking it

Sasuke: And?

Sakura: Just let me finish!

Sasuke: Hn.

Sakura: Jeez, even in chat you say that.

Sakura: Anyway

Sakura: I thought maybe we can start fresh.

Sasuke: What do you mean by that?

Sakura: Friends, Sasuke. Friends. We can be friends.

Sasuke: Friends...?

Sakura: Yeah. And I was thinking, since I kinda owe you

Sasuke: You don't. And this is pointless. I don't have any friends.

Sakura: Yes you do! Naruto, Hinata, everyone in Konoha 12.

Sasuke: Fine, go on.

Sakura: Since I owe you, we should go to the bakery.

Sasuke: You just want the cake don't you?

Sakura: Yes

Sakura: I mean, no! I want to get to know you, Sasuke Uchiha.

Sasuke: Very well then. At Saturday.

Sakura: Okay, let's meet at...4:00pm

Sasuke: Ok

I guess I have a second chance in my mission...this time I won't fail!


I walked out of my room, feeling hungry. As soon as I stepped out of my room I got tackled by none other than my own mother. "SASUKE!" She yells. "Tell me, what did I do wrong?! What have I done?! TELL ME!?" She begged with tears. I tried to pry her off. "It's fine mom. I just had a rough day." I reassured her. "It's Sakura isn't it?" She asks.


"Did you confess?"


"And she rejected you?"


"Well, you still have a second chance! Good luck! I'm cheering for you!"
  I chuckled and shook my head. My mother was just as moody as ever.

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