Sai (Sasuke)

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  I walked away from Sakura and entered the bathroom. I looked at the mirror and saw my face: bright red and puffy.
  I put my hand on my cheek and then sighed. I was really burning.
  I splashed some water on my face and rested my arms on the sink. This mission was going wrong. Very wrong. For one, Sakura was getting harder to woo. She was distant, especially to me. Another thing is that she was making me feel weird. And I don't like this new feeling.
  I sighed as I looked at the mirror again. My ebony hair was wet and stuck to my face as if it were leaches. My dark eyes looked distant and confused.

"Remember: don't fall in love too."

Moms voice echoed in my head.

But what if I'm starting to....? No I can't. This is my mission!

Suddenly I heard someone enter. It was Sakura's old boyfriend, Sai. "Oh. You're here." He says, frowning. I nodded and was about to leave. But he grabbed my arm and shoved me to the wall. He smirked.
  "It's good that we look alike." He whispered in my ear, his eyes clouded with happiness. I was about to reply when everything suddenly grew dark. My consciousness slipped away from me.

  I woke up in a dark place. I looked around and felt something wet beside me.
  I stood up only to fall back down. My legs were too weak to support me. I crawled around aimlessly until I felt a door knob. I turned it with all my spared energy and saw bright lights. I looked back at the door and noticed that it was the storage room.
  I looked down and saw that my clothes were different, too. Instead of my own original clothes, I was wearing Sai's. I growled. He is so dead.
  I stood up after a while and started to walk through the deserted halls. Though it was painful, I still did. I started to think of all the painful things I can do to him when I got cut off by a loud shriek. It sounded just like Sakura. I ran (hopefully not going to regret doing that) to the direction of the scream and saw Sai, dressed in my clothes, trying to take advantage of Sakura.

How dare dare he touch her...

Rage started to build up inside of me. I stood away from my spot and punched Sai in the jaw. Sai touched the area where I hit him and glared. "What the fuck, Sas—Sai!" He yelled, correcting himself. "Cut the crap, Sai." I hissed, glaring at him with my most deadliest glare. "I'm Sasuke, you idiot!" Sai argued, pushing me away. "No you're not because I'm Sasuke Uchiha!" I yelled, kicking his shins. He groaned but still glared. "I hate you for taking Sakura from me."
  "She's not yours. And don't you ever lay a finger on her, understand?" I hissed.
  I grabbed him and went to the washroom. I took my clothes back and slammed the door as I went out.
  Sakura looked scared. She looked like all her nightmares came true, which probably did. Then a sharp pain was on my legs. I collapsed on the floor.
  "Sa-Sasuke!" Sakura stammered, running to my side. "Shit, I shouldn't have ran...but if I didn't Sai would've..."
  "Don't talk. We have to get you to the nurse." She says. Then, unbelievably, she carried me. Does this girl have monster strength?
  I stared at Sakura's face. She looked so determined and...scared. Did she care about me?
  We finally reached the nurses office. Sakura put me down carefully in one of the beds. She looked around and saw no one. "Hello? Anyone here?" She asked as she looked everywhere for the nurse. "Guess she's not here. Looks like I'll have to take a look at your leg..." Sakura mumbled. "You know how to do it?" I asked. Sakura looked surprised. "W-well, yeah. I want to be a doctor so I'm learning all I can. Let me just take a look at your foot, it might be sprained." She said and sat down on a chair right beside the bed. She examined my foot and held it gently.
  I relaxed.
  Then she poked it and I flinched. "Hn. So it hurts there, huh?" She mumbled and poked it again. It was really painful. "Look, can you stop? It's very painful." I hissed. Sakura obliged and stopped. She took the first aid kit and grabbed a few bandages. She wrapped it carefully around my foot. "Your leg is sprained. Best not to walk around for a while." She said and smiled a small smile. "Hn." I grunted and laid down. "S-Sasuke? I have a question." Sakura whispered, looking down at her hands.    
  "W-well, what was Sai doing with your clothes?" The pinkette asked. "I walked in the washroom and saw him. He then knocked me out and Im assuming he took my clothes and swapped it with his." I say.
  It was silent.
  "I-I'm glad you saved me. And I'm sorry—" she starts to say. "It's fine. It was my choice. Don't blame yourself." I interjected.
  "But your leg—"
  I sighed and took her hand. I intertwined it with mine and looked in her worry-filled jade green eyes. "My leg doesn't matter. Even if I have to lose my left arm just to save you, I wouldn't care. As long as you're safe." I say. Sakura's face turned a light shade of pink and she squeezed my hand. Then she smiled. A tear escaped from her left eye.

"Thank you."

She said. I sighed as I wiped her tears away with my thumb and pulled her into a hug.

"Hn. No problem, pinky."


"Hn. You owe me." I mumbled out, shoving my hands into my pockets. Sakura sighed and nodded. "What do you want?" She asked. "I'm not sure. It's not everyday Sakura Haruno gets to be my slave." I smirked. "I didn't agree to be your slave!" Sakura hissed. I stared at Sakura and felt my heart beating faster, cheeks getting hotter, and stomach grow full with butterflies.

"Remember: don't fall in love too."

I wondered,

What is this unusual feeling?

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