Carnival (Sakura)

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  It was finally the day of the carnival.

I had just arrived when I got a text from Ino, telling me to meet at the Grand Clock. Unfortunately, I got lost along the way and was now travelling around the carnival aimlessly.
  I sighed and checked my phone again. 18:37 was written on my screen. I sat down on a nearby bench and felt my phone buzz. It was from Ino.

Ino: Where the hell are u Forhead?!

Sakura: Got lost

Ino: Jeez, where u at?

Sakura: On a bench

Ino: There's a lot of benches here at the carnival, Forhead. Give more details!

Sakura: It's beside a tree. An oak tree.

Ino: U better not be kidding with me

Sakura: What? It has details. I said it was oak!

Ino: Sak just tell me where u at?!

Sakura: I'm on a bench beside an oak tree. Oh look they're selling candy apples....

Ino: Forehead u better stay where u r

Sakura: But the candy apples....

Ino: IDGAF about the candy apples! Stay. Where. U. R!

Sakura: Why do you have to be so salty?


I sighed and watched as the man selling candy apples walked away.

Oh we will meet again my candy apples, we will meet again!

"Oi! Sakura-chan!" Someone yelled in the distance. I didn't have to turn around to know that it was Naruto. "Naruto." I say and nod. "Hurry up, the rest of Konoha 12 is already at the Grand Clock." Naurto says and grabs my hand. We ran through the crowd and made it to the Grand Clock. "Finally, Forhead!" Ino sighed. "Took ya' long enough!" Kiba added. "Yeah, yeah, I'm here now." I say and roll my eyes. I look around and didn't see Sasuke. I wasn't sure why but I kinda looked forward to seeing him come. "Huh? Sasuke's not here yet!" Ino pointed out. She took out her phone and punched in Sasuke's phone number. After three seconds she started screaming in her phone. "Look Uchiha, get your fucking ass over here!" Ino demanded. She paused then started yelling in rage. "It has nothing to do with my damned period!"
  She then hangs up and looks at us sweetly. So sweetly it looked a little...terrifying. "Where's Sasuke?" Naruto asked. He and Hinata's hand was intertwined together. It looked absolutely adorable. "Oh, he's coming." Ino replied. Naruto coughed, gaining all of our attention. "Well then, since it's only Sasuke we're waiting for, I think we should begin. This year for our anniversary you'll be paired up with another person. With that other person you'll be able to explore the carnival together for 3 whole hours. And NO there is NO complaining, -ttebayo!" Naurto said. "No complaining? What exactly did I miss?" A monotone voice questioned from behind. The group turned aorund and a chorus of 'Sasuke's were heard throughout the group. "Yeah, yeah, I'm here now." He says.

The hell! He said the same thing as me?!

"Hey." Sasuke greeted and sat beside me. I nodded and turned back to Naruto. "As I was saying, you will be spending 3 hours with the person I choose you to stay with."
  Everyone was scared of what the blonde would do. "I helped!" Ino piped in. Okay, everyone was terrified of who the blonde duo had paired each other with. "Of course, I will be with my Hina-chan." Naruto says and gripped Hinata's hand. Hinata smiled back shyly. "Tenten and Neji, Shikamaru and Temari, you'll be together." Ino said. The couples all stood by each other. "Lee you'll be with Shino." Naruto says. Lee cheered while Shino...well he was Shino; he didn't complain. "Chouji you'll be with Kankuro and Gaara. You guys will be the only three man group." Ino says and pointed to the three males. "Fine with me." Chouji said and walked over to the two sand brothers. Naruto smirked. "Ino and Kiba you'll be together."
  "W-what?" Ino and Kiba said simultaneously. "That's right, you heard me, -ttebayo!" Naruto yelled. "Then that means..." I muttered out and turned to Sasuke. "Looks like we're with each other." Sasuke says. "How fun." I replied sarcastically.
  The group went their separate ways. Sasuke and I however stayed at the Grand Clock. "Sakura." Sasuke says. "What?" I asked. "Look, I know you saw me and Karin but—"
  "Yeah I know. It's fine. You can go to her if you want." I interjected. "No that wasn't what I was going to say!" Sasuke said. "Whatever. Let's just...go and have fun, alright?" I suggested and drag him over to a shooting booth. "Hey, this looked like fun." I say and pay the man. Sasuke followed and took one of the guns. We started shooting. "Darn." I say as I missed. Sasuke chuckled and fired. He hit the centre. Dead on. "H-how?" I asked in amazement. "Skill." Sasuke says and took a prize. "Here, you have it." He says and gives the prize to me. "Are you sure?" I asked. "The reason why I played the game was for you. Now let's go." He says and brings me over to another booth.
  We were having fun. To be honest I liked his company, even if he was an egoistical jerk sometimes. I didn't realize that 2 and a half hours had already passed. "Looks like we only have 15 minutes left." Sauske says. "How about one more ride?" He asked. "Sure." I agreed and let the Uchiha drag me to a ride. "T-the Ferris wheel?" I asked. "Yeah, you aren't scared of heights, are you?" Sasuke teased. "O-of course not!" I denied. I wasn't scared at all. I was absolutely terrified. "Okay then let's go." Sasuke says and grabs my hand. "H-hold on!" I complained. We entered the Ferris wheel and it started to go up. I felt my hands start shaking. Something warm held my hand. I looked up and noticed it was Sasuke. "You really are scared, are you?" He asks. "No," I say. "I'm absolutely terrified."
  He chuckled and looked up. "There's nothing to be afraid of. Just keep looking up. And plus the view is nice." He says. "Yeah. It's beautiful. It also reminds me of how we are 20 metres away from the ground!" I hissed. Sasuke chuckled again. "Sakura?" He says. "What?" I asked as I tried to not look at the ground. "The thing with wasn't true." He says. "The truth is...she cornered me. I...just didn't want to say it because of my ego." Sasuke says. I chuckled. "Is that so?" I say. "Hn. You didn't forget my confession did you?" He asked. I look in his eyes and got lost in them. It was like he was casting a spell on me. "No." I replied. "Good. Because you're the only girl I'm chasing after." He says and starts to lean in. It's weird, really. Whenever Sasuke's around the group he acts different. But when he's alone with me, it's like he's a whole new different person.
  Sasuke leaned in closer and closer until there was a bump and Sasuke fell on top of me. To make things even weirder his face was planted right on my chest. My eyes widened. He pulled away and looked at me. His face was a light shade of pink. I stared back. Neither of us said anything. "U-Uhm..." I stuttered. "Sorry." Sasuke apologized. "No, it was just an a-accident." I stammered. "Will you two get off now?" Someone asked. We turned around and saw a boy who worked here. "Families are waiting to ride too." He says. "Right, we're sorry." I apologized and walked out. "Oh and get a room please!" The boy yelled out.  I felt my face heat up. I looked at Sasuke and saw that he was staring at the ground. He had his hands in his pockets and looked around awkwardly. He looked awkwardly cute.


I looked back at Sasuke and saw that he was looking at me. I looked away awkwardly and sat down on a bench. Oddly enough it was the same bench form earlier. "Candy apples! Buy some candy apples!" The man from earlier yelled out. I coughed and tried not to look at them. Sasuke stood up and went to the man. He came back later with one candy apple. "Here..." He says and shoves it towards me. "Huh?"
  "Peace offering." He explained. "Th-thanks but don't you want one?" I asked. "Never tried one. And I don't like sweets too much." He says and shrugs. "Here try it!" I say and shove it in his mouth. He took a bite. "Hn...too sweet." He says and shoves his hands in his pockets again. "Fine I'll just have it for myself!" I say and started to eat. "The candy apple was supposed to be for you anyway!" Sasuke said. I hummed and finished the candy apple. After I finished it did I notice:

I just had an indirect kiss with Sasuke.

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