Drama (Sasuke)

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It's Monday. And today, the forecast said it was supposed to rain today. However, the sky was clear; not a single cloud mixed in with the blue sky. I sighed as I felt the sun beating down on me. I really do wish that it's going to rain; For I can't take the hot weather.

I walked down the sidewalk, and felt relieved when I saw the school building. Jogging over to the nearest shade, which so happens to be a cherry blossom tree, I sat down. I let out a sigh of relief and placed my bag beside me. It was early in the morning and not a lot of people were here yet.

As I was enjoying the comfortable silence, I heard (oddly enough) moaning.

What on earth....?

Curious in what it may be, I followed it. The source happened to be behind a brick wall. I silently and carefully peeked behind it and saw two people making out. I felt my eyes widened. Not only was I seeing two people doing mouth to mouth and what humans call "using tongue" (which was pretty gross if I may add) but the two people happened to be Ino and Sai.

I ducked and ran back to the cherry blossom tree.

Sai and Ino? But Ino is Sakura's bestfriend...and she doesn't like him so....why are they together?

I sighed and decided in not telling anyone since it would cause drama. However, the scene was replaying in my head.

Stop. Stop thinking about it.

I also decided another thing:

Sakura must not know about this.


Lunch was finally here and I can't say I'm enjoying it too much. As much as Naruto's annoying yells fills up the lunch room, it wasn't that that was bothering me. For one, Ino wasn't here. Not that I really cared but she must've gone off with Sai. But the other reason was because Sakura was acting odd. Very odd. It was like she did something wrong; a mortal sin. It was like she committed a crime and was guilty. Very guilty.

"You look troubled," I say as I slid beside her on an empty seat. "I'm not..." She replies but looked somewhat dazed. "You're spacing out a lot too," I pointed out. "I'm not. Really, I'm fine." She reassures me and took a deep breath. Her eyes wandered over to the cafeteria entrance. Just then the bell rang. Lunch was over. And Ino hadn't appeared.

A look of disappointment flashed through Sakura's eyes before she stood up. "Sasuke," she said quietly. I looked over at the pinkette. She sighed before saying, "meet me later at the roof after school." Then she ran. My eyes followed Sakura as she exited out of the cafeteria.

What could she possibly want?

Unfortunately, I don't have any classes with her after lunch. During classes I've been thinking so much that I got in trouble. I even almost got detention. But luckily, I slipped away. But just barely.

I sighed as I entered biology. The thing about our teacher in this particular class is that there is two. Orochimaru, and Tsunade. I don't like either of them. Especially Orochimaru. He's an odd person; always looking at people (especially me) as if he's going to conduct an experiment on us. "Sasuke, pay attention! Or else your grades will drop!" Tsunade, who was the teacher for today yelled. I sat up straight but looked out the window in boredom. Who cares about grades? They're just numbers. I don't need them anyway.

As the class kept going, my mind kept thinking about the possibilities of what Sakura would say.

What if she confesses? Then my mission....would be over...?

"Class dismissed! Uchiha come over here, I need to speak to you!" Tsunade yelled, making me snap out of my thoughts. After 10 minutes of a boring lecture about behaviour, she finally let me go.

Crud, I'm late...

I ran down the halls and up the stairs to the roof top. There, as I hoped, was Sakura. "You made it," she says. I panted but said, "yes." It was silent. None of us were talking. "What do you want?" I asked. "I—Uhm...." She stutters. The Sakura I know doesn't stutter. "W-well, remember the thing you told me?"

"What thing?" I asked. "About how you like me?" She asks.


"Well, I.....Uhm"

"What about it?"

"It's just....do you still like me?"

"....of course."

"Oh...okay w-well I just wanted to say—"


Sakura and I looked back and saw Sai and Ino. "Ino...Sai..." Sakura whispers. "S-Sakura!" Ino says in surprise. Sakura's eyes drifted over to their intertwined hands. She looked hurt; Like someone just came up to her and smacked her in the face. "Y-you......I didn't want to believe what Tenten and T-Temari said....but you.....HOW COULD YOU?!" Sakura said quietly then proceeded to get louder until she was practically screaming at Ino. "Sakura please, you don't understand!" Ino pleaded. "Sai changed! He's different!"

"Of course he has," Sakura says bitterly. "Sakura, I wanted to tell you but I— I didn't know how....you would get hurt and—" Ino says and took a step over to Sakura. "STOP! Stop.....just stop it..." Sakura said in a whisper. She backed away as if she was scared. "Sai didn't change.....he's still—"

"Now you stop!" Ino said in frustration. "Look forehead, he has changed. I love him and we're now a thing! You still think he's a jerk but he really has changed!" Ino said quietly. "Sakura, I know I did some wrong things to you in the past, but please believe me when I say I love Ino. She....she changed me, Sakura. Changed me." Sai says. Sakura's face turned red and she looked at Ino with burning hate. "Do what you want but I still don't think he has changed." She says and walks towards the exit and slams the door hard. Ino started to cry and Sai rubbed her back comfortably. I looked at the couple before walking out to find Sakura.

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