The encounter (Sakura)

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  "Ne, ne, Sakura, rumours are there's a new student coming tomorrow! Do you think it'll be a boy?" Ino asked. We were in the library studying for the mid-terms; quite a bad time for a new student to transfer if you ask me. "I don't know." I answered and continued to read my book and take notes. "You know," Ino spoke as she leaned back in her chair,  placing her book down in front of her. "You're almost always serious. Is it because of Sai?"
I stopped doing whatever I was doing.
It wasn't because of Sai. It was simply because I had to keep up my good grades to get in a good college. I'm the second best student in this school, next after Shikamaru. But then again, he's a genius who has an IQ over 200. I couldn't possibly beat someone like him.
I stayed quiet and didn't answer.
"Haven't you considered of ever y' again?" The blonde asked again. The lead from my pencil broke, startling Ino. "Sorry." I apologized quietly. She didn't reply, still waiting for my answer. "No, I don't." I scoffed. "All boys are jerks."
Ino frowned. She knows that my father had cheated on my mom, and that Sai had cheated on me. "But—" she protested. "I'm sorry, Ino. I just don't think I'll fall in love ever again." I interrupted and stood up. "Thank you for accompanying me." I said and left the library. The automatic doors opened as I walked out, leaving Ino all by herself. I felt guilty for what I said. and decided to apologize again to her later on.
I took the bus home. When I finally reached my house I walked straight into my room. I placed my bag down and took out my homework, glancing at it briefly before placing them down on my desk and sighing.

Another boring day....when will it actually be fun?

I changed and laid down on my bed; letting sleep take over my body.
I dreamt of a boy. A boy with black ebony hair and the most mysterious eyes I've ever seen. In other words, he was majestic. He looked so real, like I could touch him.
But I was too afraid to do so.
He stared back at me with his beautiful onyx eyes. He started reaching out to me and he placed a hand on my cheek. Then he smiled. "I'm coming for you, Sakura." he said before disappearing.
I sat up. My heart was beating fast and my sweat was flowing down my back like a waterfall. I tossed my blanket away, enjoying the cool air that the air conditioner was making.

It's just a dream...calm down Sakura. Calm. Down.

I sighed and waited for my heart to go back to it's normal pace. It took a while, but it finally did. For some reason I'm wasn't afraid of my dream. It's like I want this boy to take me with him. It's like I want him too. That's odd, now that I think of it.
  I feel warm in the inside and I feel this gentle tug in my heart whenever I think or imagine him. I pushed the thought away and went to do my homework. I tried to focus but I couldn't.
"I'm coming for you, Sakura." his velvety voice echoed in my head. "You're mine." he said again. I ditched my homework and laid back in my bed, taking my iPhone and earphones with me. I listened to some music, trying to think about anything but the boy in my dreams. After a while I was starting to feel sleepy. My eyes were heavy and then they closed. I fell asleep again. But this time I had a dreamless sleep.


"Sakura-sama, please wake up." someone said. That "someone" gently tugged on my blanket. I groaned and muttered "go away..."
"But Sakura-sama—" the person protested before getting cut off by another person. "I'll wake her up." was what they said.
"Sakura-hime, wake up." he demanded. Only one person called me "hime": my brother. "Go away Sasori..." I grunted. He chuckled. I heard his footsteps fading. I relaxed, until I felt something cold and wet. I jolted up and saw Sasori with a big blue bucket and an evil smirk. I glared at him. He tossed the blanket on the floor and opened the curtains. The sun's bright rays of sunshine blinded me. "Rise and shine, princess." he said, his smirk growing bigger. "Go away." I responded. "My, my well aren't you in a good mood, sister." he said.

"I hate you."

"Love you too. Now hurry up and get dressed, all A's"

I looked at my digital clock and noticed that I still had 2 hours before school. I glared yet again at my brother. He returned it with an angelic smile before left my room. I sighed, there's no way I can sleep in a wet, cold, bed.
I got dressed and met Nii-san and mother at the dining room. They were both eating blueberry muffins. I took a bagel and stuffed it in my mouth. "You in a hurry?" Mother asked with worry in her voice. "A little." I replied and took some milk, chugging it down. She took a sip of her coffee, having gotten used to my weird ways of eating breakfast. "You're going to see Deidara's sister aren't you?" Sasori asked, raising an eyebrow. I took a big gulp and then said, "Nope."
"You gonna see a boy?" Sasori tried again. "No." I replied, getting irritated

"A lover?"


"Your boyfriend??"


"Ooh! Your fiancé!"


"Then who is it?" Sasori asked, confused. "I'm seeing the bus." I said and took my bag. Sasori looked confused. "Sasori, stop asking your sister those questions. You have to get ready for your exams." Mother lectured. Nii-san pouted but obliged.
"I have to go, I might be late." I yelled out and grabbed my shoes, grey jacket, and green scarf. They both nodded and went back to to eating. I ran out of the house, making it just in time for the bus. I let out a sigh of relief as I took a seat at the back.
After the bus stopped, I hopped off. I walked to another bus stop and waited for it to come. I didn't see where I was going and bumped into someone. I looked up and saw a boy with ebony hair in a weird spiky shape and black mysterious/hypnotizing eyes.

He looks like that boy from my dream!

We stared at each other for a while. I tried to think of who he was, but before I could open my mouth to ask, he looked away. He apologized and walked away.
I stood there, motionless, before I heard a bus horn beep. "Are you getting on or not?" The driver asked, a little irritated. I nodded and went in. I took one more glance at the direction the mysterious boy went. Seeing nothing, I went in the bus and took a seat near the window.
I noticed how he was wearing the boys uniform to my school.

Could he be the transfer student...?

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