Konoha 11 (Sakura)

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  Naruto dragged both me and Sasuke over to our lunch table. There was the usual gang, or as people in the school would call it, Konoha 11. But I'm sure it will turn to Konoha 12 if Sasuke's going to be joining. There used to be more members. Actually, Sai used to be part of us. But he branched off after I found out he was cheating on me. Temari, Shikamaru's long distance girlfriend, was offered to join in. But she declined, knowing she would have to leave for college soon.
  Inside this group is Naruto (of course), Hinata, Ino, Tenten, Neji, Shino, Kiba, Shikaamru, Chouji, Lee, and lastly, me. We hang out sometimes, but not as often like we used to back then.
  As we were starting to get closer to the lunch table, people started noticing us. "Hinata!" Naruto yelled and went up to greet his beloved girlfriend. "N-Naruto-kun." Hinata greeted and hugged him. I can practically feel their love vibes radiating form them. "Please don't show your affection in public," I begged. Ino chuckled and Naruto pouted. "You're so mean Sakura-chan!" he whined. "Well some of us don't have love lives like you," I retorted. "Point taken," he replied and wrapped an arm around Hinata's waist. Hinata smiled shyly. "Oooh, who's this?" Ino said and pushed me out of the way. I glared at her but she didn't notice. "Damn, he is one hot hottie.." she muttered under her breath. Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "I'm Ino Yamanaka." She says seductively. Sasuke nodded, making Ino giggled like a fangirl. I sighed and rolled my eyes at her.

Great....she's going to be a fangirl of duckbutt too....

I walked over to the table where Kiba, Shino, Chouji, Shikamaru, and Lee were. The two lovebirds, Naruto and Hinata, were at a corner cuddling with each other. On the other side, Ino was desperately trying to woo Sasuke. Neji and Tenten, the other couple in Konoha 11, were nowhere to be seen.
  I sat down beside Kiba and let out a sigh. It had always been like this. The 7 of us were always left out since we have nobody to call "ours". Except now Ino was with Sasuke.
  I watched Ino and Sasuke before finally getting bored. I looked at the others and saw Shikamaru on his phone texting, but I'm only assuming, Temari. Chouji was right beside him, eating spaghetti. Next to him was Lee who was rambling about "youth". Shino was one seat away from the bowl cut haired male. He was observing a lady bug that somehow found its way into the cafeteria. Beside him was Kiba who was— hold up, is he looking at Ino?
  I looked again. He really was looking at Ino. He was looking at Sasuke too. And —is that jealousy?
  No mistake about it, Kiba's got it bad. Kiba's got it real bad for Ino.

Poor guy....he must be so jealous...

I tapped his shoulder. He turned around, almost knocking me out of the process. "Oh, sorry Sakura. What is it that you need?" He questioned. "You totally like her." I mused. His face turned red. "Wha—?! N-no, I don't like Ino!" He denied.
  I smirked and gave him a knowing look.
  "I didn't say it was Ino." I pointed out calmly. Kiba muttered out a string of colourful words before looking down at the floor. The tips of his ears were bright red, like a stop light. "So, do you?" I kept asking. "Alright, maybe...I kind of do....." He mumbled. "Thought so," I say a little too loud. The others looked at us. Kiba looked up and covered my mouth. "Ahahahahaha, it's nothing, nothing at  all!" Kiba assured the others nervously. They all went back to what they were doing. "Don't you dare say anything about this to anyone, Haruno. I want to tell her myself!" He threatened, giving me a glare. I put my hands up and gave him an innocent smile. "Of course I wouldn't."

"One question." I added quickly. He looked back at me. "When did you first like her?" I asked. "Uh-uhm..." He stuttered. I smirked again. "S-since...m-m-middle school..." He mumbled. I chuckled and poke his cheeks. "Oh dang you got it real bad!" I teased. "Shut up!" He growls and swatted my hand away. I continued to chuckled at the brunette, not noticing the jealous stares from a certain Uchiha.


  "So, when are you going to confess?" I asked after lunch was over. "That's just it, I don't know when." He says sadly. "I mean, we always hung out. But now that— Sasuke was it? Yeah, now that Sasuke came, she gives all her attention to him. She might just reject me and I don't want that..."
  I nodded and walked with him down the halls. "Why won't you just tell her? Just seize the moment." I suggested. Kiba shook his head. "It's so complicated when you like someone. Especially if they give you mixed signals. And you wouldn't understand the fear of confessing then getting rejected." he says and frowns a little. "You're right, I guess I don't." I reply.  "But just know this," I added. "There are three choices in life: Give in, Give up, or Give it your all. If you just give up so easily, Ino would never know how much of an awesome guy you really are. And you like her a lot right?"    
  He hummed. "Then you have to fight for her." I said and patted him at the back. He looked surprised, but smiled. "Thank you Sakura. You know, you would be one hell of a good love adviser." he praised. "Ah, never thought about it." I sighed. After that the bell rang. "Well I have to go." I say and walked away. He nodded and started walking off to another direction. While walking down the halls I thought of what Kiba said.

"And you wouldn't understand the fear of confessing then getting rejected..."

He's right...I really wouldn't know...I mean, I don't even like anyone. But I wonder...just how scary does it feels like...?

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