First day (Sasuke)

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It was the first day of my mission. Mother had went all out and enrolled me to the same school, bought me a uniform, and even got me all the books and bags I needed.
  I was currently putting on my uniform when my mother busted in my room. "So Sasu-cakes are yo—" she began to say, but stopped when she noticed I was only half dressed. I quickly pulled my towel over my body. "Ever heard of knocking?" I asked, irritated. "Nurufufufu, is my little Sasu-cakes embarrassed?" She asked as she put a hand over her mouth to stop from laughing out loud. I felt my right eye twitch in annoyance. "Mom, I need to get dressed. Please get out." I tried to say politely. Tried. To be honest it came out rather harsh.
  "Don't be embarrassed with mommy!" She yelled and pulled my checks. I gently slapped her hands away. "Mom." I said sternly. "Okay, okay, jeez, teenagers these days am I right?" She says, talking to herself. She left my room and I let out a sigh. I then continued to get dressed.
  When I was done, I grabbed my bag and walked into the kitchen. Mother was currently making pancakes at the oven. She would flip them high in the air then catch them back on the pan. She looked like she was a chef from Italy making some pizza. She was also humming a happy, cheerful tune.
  We ate the food and mother left for work. "I'll be going now, Sasu-cakes. Remember don't get into fights. And if a boy decides to punch you, you know karate so go knock him down and—" she lectured. "Mom." I tried to say. "And don't be so emo—" her last comment made me slightly annoyed. I'm not emo, I just problems and I'm highly selective over my friends. "Mom!" I yelled. "And— yes sweetie?" She asked. Her eyes were big and innocent. "...I'll be fine." I reassured her, placing my hand on her shoulder. She looked up at me and the corners of her eyes had tears. I sighed and watched her fan her eyes with her hands. She calmed down after a few minutes. She soon left and I caught her saying to herself, "My baby's all grown up now!"
  School didn't start in a few minutes so I decided to go catch the bus. It was pretty cold outside and it was snowing gently, too. I grabbed my winter coat, and a grey scarf. I put them on and locked the door to our apartment.
  As I was walking down the sidewalk, I was thinking about my mission. My mother always gives me information (but at times she likes to be tricky and let me find all the info by myself). And at some missions like these where I have to make a girl fall in love, my mother always gives me a warning: don't fall in love too.
  She told me some stories about my dad. How tall and muscular he was, how mysterious his eyes were, how his voice was deep, and how he loved her. Loved not "loves". That was one of the things I've noticed about my mothers' stories: it was always past tensed. It was like she was re-telling a story that happened hundreds of years ago. I didn't notice where I was going and bumped into someone.

How cliché...

I looked down and noticed pink hair.

Jade green eyes stared up at me, looking a little startled. We continued to stare at each other for a few moments up until I looked away. "Sorry about that." I apologized and continued to walk.
  One thing was for sure when I bumped into that girl: she was my target, Sakura Haruno.

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