Help (Sasuke)

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  "Alright, everyone, gather around!" Naruto ordered. I looked around and noticed that all of Konoha 12 (plus the sand siblings) were here. "As you all know, tomorrow will be the 12th anniversary of this group. For those of you who just joined or have forgotten: Whenever our anniversary comes, there's a carnival that happens every year on the same day." Naruto says. "And every year we go to the carnival too. It's like some tradition!" Ino added m excitedly. "But didn't we just have a party like, oh I don't know, two days ago?" I asked. "So?" Kiba questioned. "What I mean is isn't this enough for the week?" I asked again. "Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke. You poor, poor, child. When you're in Konoha 12 you have to get used to these kind of things!" Tenten exclaimed. Everyone nodded. "And stop being so kill joy! Life's about the party!" Kiba said and put his arm around my shoulder. "If you don't want to come then don't come." Sakura said right after. Everyone stopped. "I mean, unless there's other things you'll be doing tomorrow." She added. I knew she was talking about Karin. To be honest, I found it a little awkward to be in the same room as her. And I know everyone can feel/see it. "I'm going." I said firmly. Everyone tensed up. "Fine." Sakura said stiffly. "Fine." I echoed. Sakura walked away from the group. Ino ran after her. "I wonder what happened to her. Did you do something, Sasuke?" Tenten asked. "If you made her cry, I swear I'll—" Temari growled. "No." I interjected. "I didn't. But Karin did." I added. "Explain yourself, pretty boy." Kankuro demanded. They all stared at me with suspicion. I knew they were all close to the pinkette. "Pretty boy, seriously Kankuro?" Kiba commented. "Shut up!" He yelled. They all turned back to me. "After I met you guys," I said as I pointed at the sand siblings. "A girl came up to me and tried to ask me out. Karin came and shooed her away. But then she cornered me and Sakura saw us and thought..." I trailed off. "And thought you guys were doing it. That's such a classic in her books." Tenten said. "Why didn't you push her away?" Neji questioned. "Look, I didn't want to be rude. Especially if it was a girl." I said. "So does our beloved cheery blossom think Sasuke is going out with Karin?" Lee asked. "It appears so. But by her attitude, it may be possible that she's jealous." Shino commented. "Sakura? Jealous? I've never seen her jealous before!" Chouji said while he munched on a bag of chips. "No one has." Shikamaru added lazily. "At least no one that ever lived!" Kiba laughed. "S-Sasuke," Hinata stuttered. "Hn?" I grunted. "G-Gaara and I were talking a-about the situation a-and w-we wondering why—"
  "Why didn't you tell Sakura Karin cornered you?" Gaara interrupted. "I...I..." I stammered. "My ego didn't let me..." I said the last part quietly. Naruto and Kiba burst out laughing. "God if you're gonna date her and want our permission then you have to be better than that!" Naruto said. "Date? Permission? Who said I wanted to date her?!" I yelled. The two males blinked and stared at me with confusion. "You aren't courting her?" They asked. "No!" I said in irritation. "Look, look, what they're trying to say is that we all thought you like Sakura." Tenten said.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

"Do you really love our little cherry blossom?!" Lee questioned. They made me sit down on a chair and tied me up with a rope that magically came out of nowhere. "Answer the question, Uchiha." Neji and Gaara demanded.

Again, what the actual fuck!

"Love?" I asked. "Yeah that feeling when you get butterflies in you tummy and when your heart beats faster and whe—" Kiba explained. "I know what love is." I interjected. "Do you, Sasuke? DO YOU?" Tenten asked.

If I tell them...would they be able to help me in my mission? But it could backfire and have them to leave me out. If they do then this mission is going to fail! I can't fail twice...!

  I closed my eyes and looked directly at Tenten. "If I confessed to her...then does that mean I love her?" I asked.

This is the only!

  "Of course it does you dummy!" The bun haired girl rolled her eyes. "Who knew you were this stupid at romance?" Naruto commented and laughed. The words 'stupid' hit me like a big boulder. My left eye twitched but I didn't dare do anything. "W-well if you do..." Hinata said. "Then....." Naruto, Kiba, and Kankuro said simultaneously. "We must help you!" Lee continued. There were a chorus of 'yeahs' throughout the group. "We'll help you with Sakura, -ttebayo!" Naruto cheered. Somehow the situation got worse.

What did I get myself into...?

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