The mission (Sasuke)

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  When I was 4 my father had ditched my mother and I. Of course I was too young to understand anything, so my mother told me that he was just going away for a very long time. She never said how long, but I'm guessing that he's never coming back.
  I never forgot the look on her face when father left.
  For weeks my mother had been depressed, crying her eyes out, and (sometimes) yelling at me. I didn't known why and thought she was going finally going crazy. But after I turned 12 I found out why.
  I inherited my fathers looks: black eyes and black ebony hair. In other words, I look exactly like him. The only difference was that he was tanned, while I, got my mother's pale, ghostly skin.
  Of course I don't blame her. She truly loved him, and being immortal, she will never forget. Oh right, I forgot to mention the most important part: my mother's Aphrodite, the goddess of love. My father was just a mortal who stole my mothers heart and swept her off her feet.
  My mother and I lived at a normal apartment, with only my moms job supporting it all. But that's not the good part. No, the good part is that her job is matchmaking. I recall reading once in a book that Zeus punished my mom for falling in love so carelessly, thus sending her down to live on earth, forever.
  Sometimes she'd take me with her, showing the basics of her job and explaining them with careful details. "This is my office, Sasu-cakes. Here is where the mail comes in." she explained with a gentle smile. "What type of mail is it?" The younger me would ask. "The love mails of course! This is where humans send their request: to love, to be loved, and other requests for their love lives"
  " life..?"
  She would chuckle and pat my head. "You'll understand when you fall in love one day, Sasu-cakes."
  That was when I was younger, when I was naïve and innocent. I wasn't so sure what happened, but when father hurt mother I felt protectiveness and anger surge in my veins.
  I'm now currently 16. I don't go to school and I (sometimes) help mom at work. One time my mom gave me a "mission".
  "I want you to make this girl fall in love with this boy." she ordered and handed me a paper. It was difficult, but I do love a good challenge.

I was in my room one day, observing people from my window while on my laptop.
  It's the same thing everyday. I wake up, my mother goes to work, I play on my laptop, do other things, etc.  The only time it's different is when I get a mission.
  "Sasu-cakes! I'm home!" Someone sang. I lazily got up from my bed and head over to the living room. There in all her glory, was my mother. As usual, her hair glowed and her eyes looked like they were sparkling in the light. But that didn't catch my attention.
  It was the paper in her hands that did.    
  A pink piece of paper.
And that could only mean one thing: I have a new mission.
"You know what this is Sasu-cakes." She said and waved the paper in the air. I sat down on one of the couches and asked, "A mission..?"
  "Hai!" She cheered. She was always energetic, more energetic than me. "Now, it wasn't a request," she began to say. "It's a challenge."
  "What?" I asked. "Yes," she nodded and put the paper down on the coffee table. "This girl," she says and pushed the paper towards me. "Is Sakura Haruno. Two years ago her boyfriend cheated on her. She claims to never fall in love again." she continued. "Why now?" I asked. "You could've done this two years ago"
  "Well, I never believed it at first. But after one year she still hasn't fallen in love. We got a little busy, so it was somewhere in the back of my filing cabinet." she answered sheepishly. I nodded slowly and looked at the paper in front of me. There, printed, was a picture of a girl. She had short unusual pink hair that framed her face perfectly, the most beautiful emerald eyes, and pale skin. In other words, to me she was stunning.
  My mother watched me as I kept staring at this Sakura girl. "She's pretty, don't you think?" She asked. I felt my face grow warm. "Yeah...." I managed to say. I reluctantly put the paper down and looked at my mother. "So what's my mission then..?" I asked. "Easy, make her fall in love with you." She answered casually. "Is there a due date?" I asked again. "No." she replied. "Here are some information about Sakura." she says and handed me some more papers. I grabbed the picture of Sakura and went in my room.
  I went on my bed and stared at Sakura's picture again. This time it was a picture of her before her boyfriend cheated on her. Her eyes were the same but there was a certain glow in them, and her hair was longer. She looked beautiful, but (in my opinion) the recent one looked better.

Sakura Haruno, huh? Well, this is gonna be fun

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