Chapter 5

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Perrie's POV

"Pez! Promise me we will grow up together okay?"

"I promised jadey!"

"Bestfriends forever?"

"Bestfriends forever!!!"

I woke up while holding my head. Who's that? Jadey? And she called me pez? No one called me pez before and my dream is so blurred the only thing i can hear is the girl speaking. Ugh i think its just a dream but its so weird its like it really happened in the past.

'Ms. Edwards wake up you have to get ready for your tour!!" My PA said

"Where's leigh??" I asked i am more comfortable with leigh than my PA.

"Im here" leigh said while popping her head on the door frame

"Camila can you please get my outfits" i said to my PA and she nod

Leigh closed the door

"What's up with you?" Leigh asked i just shrugged

"I just had a weird dream" i said and she just smiled

"Are you ready??" She asked and i nod

"Im ready" i said

*bzzzzt bzzzzzt*

"Hey your phone's ringing" leigh said while getting my phone on the bedside table.

I opened it and its a notification from jade. Yeah i turned on her notification.

"What's that?" She asked she's about to looked at the screen but i stopped her

"Nothing!" I said and she glared at me

"Uhm okay then" she said and she walked to my bathroom

I looked at her tweet oh snap its not her tweet she retweeted it.

I looked at her tweet oh snap its not her tweet she retweeted it

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"Wait she have personal account??" I asked to myself

"Omg perrie are you seeing something that the normal people cant see through their naked eyes?" She said

"Oh shut up" i said and looked at her personal account

"Wow she's verified" i said and leigh looked at me confusedly

"Whoo??" She said

"Not your business" i said and sticked my tongue she just groaned

"She look so hot here goodness" i said and leigh raised her eyebrows

"tsss just get me some f-" someone cut me off

"Ms. Edwards here is your outfit" Camila said and i nod

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