Chapter 1

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Jade's POV

"Wake up bitch!" Jesy yelled and thrown a pillow into my face

"Its so freakin early in the morning im still tired!!" i said while groaning

"Ughh come on!!! Perrie have interview at 8:30 am and its already 7:40" She said and i gasp and run to the bathroom to take a shower. OMG i want to see my baby!

"Jesy !!! Turn on the TV!" I shouted

"Okay! Hurry up" she said and i jumped to the coach and stared at the TV

"Omg!!! Its perrie my wife" i said while looking at perrie

"Be quite! And your wife? She didnt even know you!" She said and i groaned

"You dont need to say it!!" I said and looked at the TV

"Are you still single perrie?" The interviewer asked. Perrie just giggled

"Yes i am" she said and smiled. Oh goodness her smile... and her dimples

"Yesss!! She's single" i said while clapping but jesy interuppted me

"As if you have a chance" she said and i looked at her she always kill my happiness

"Ughhh!!! Stop it" i said and she just laugh devilishly

After the interview jesy turns off the TV. And my mom entered my room

"Jade! Can you buy this things at the market!" My mom said and she gived me the list of the things i need to bye. and then she saw jesy

"Oh hi jesy" she said and jesy just waved at her. Then my mom left the room

"Jesy!! lets go to the market" i said and she nod

"Okay come on" she said and get up i walked outside and i saw some of our maids

"Goodmorning Ms Thirlwall. Goodmorning Ms Nelson" they said in chorus. I looked at them and smiled

"Just call me Jade and call her jesy its fine" i said while giggling they just nod

"Okay Ms. Thirlwall" they said and i just face palmed and ignored them

"Why your room is on the third floor!!" Jesy groaned

"Not my fault tho" i said and shrugged.

"Come on lets go" i said and she nod

"Why we not just didnt use your elevator earlier?" She asked and i remember

"Oh yeah!, i forgot!" I said.

"Oh goodness thirlwall" she groaned and i just giggled

"GoodMorning Ms. Thirlwall" our driver said

"Goodmorning sir" i said

"do you need a car?" He asked and i nod

"Yes but you should just rest there ill just use my own car and ill drive it" i said

"Bu-" i cut him off

"No buts" i said

"Come on Jesminda" i said and pushed her to the passenger seat besided the driver seat.

"Chill" she said but i ignored her and i drove the car to the market.

I can say that yes we are rich my mother and father owned a company and my brother owned a bar and he let me managed it. And jesy's helping me. Our house is kinda big yes we actually have rooftop and our house is 4th floor including the rooftop. But im not staying on my house i have my own apartment. I dont want my parents to always give me money . I can say that im not a spoil kid. Im working on our own bar just to get a money from my own hard work. My parents are known here on UK but im not because i dont want. I dont want to have a friends just because i have a money its fine that i only have one friend but a true one.

"Come on!!"i said when we reached our destination

"Lets divide this!! Buy this 5 and ill buy this 5 lets just meet here okay?" I said and she nod i started to find all this things on the list the only thing i need is....

"Where are you tissue?" I said to myself.

"There you gooo! " i said when i already found the tissue luckily its still have one left. Im about to get the tissue but i held the hand of someone instead of the tissue.

"Oh sorry" i said while removing my hand to the hand of the girl

"Its fine, here" she said and held the tissue to me. That voice is so familiar! I looked at the girl and i saw a girl in hoodie and a cup but i know who it was!!

"T-Thank you" i stattured. Damn omg is this really happening??? I heard her giggle

"Hey love! Whats your name?" She asked while waving into my face i looked at her and she removed the cup on her head but the hoodie still remained and i can now see her eyes, her beautiful blue eyes. She smiled

"Her-" she said but someone cut her off

"Louise! There you are!" Someone said and i know who she is... Leigh anne her best friend.

"Oh leigh so-" leigh cut her off and pulled her away from me.

"Im still talking to the girl" thats the last thing i heard from her

"What are you thinking about??" Jesy asked and i snapped from my trance

"I j-just saw P-Perrie Edwards" i said and she hit the back of my head

"Are you freakin serious?! Or youre just really insane?"  She asked but i didnt mind her and i looked into my hands

i freakin held the hand of my celebrity crush and she even talked to me. Oh goodness I think i am gonna die.


Thats the first chapter😂 hope its good im still thinking on what im going to do next 💞💞 should i post the next chapter today?

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