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6 months later

Perrie's POV

"Put it there" i said to the crew

"Yes hello?" I said to the phone

"Ms Edwards what color of the candle?" Camila said

"Something sparkly" i said

"Okay Ms"

"What about the balloons" she said

"All colors except black" i said

"Do you want your crowd to wear something??" She said

"Yeah actually we are working on it" i said

" is that all?" She asked

"No no" i said

"Can you please make sure if jade look at the crowd the crowd will held a letter? You know what i mean right?" I asked

"Oh yes! And it will form a words?" She asked

"Yes exactly" i said

"Okay we will be there soon ms" she said and i hung it off

"Do you already edit a video" i asked jed and he nod

"What's the song you'll sing?" Leigh said

"Thousand years is perfect" i said and they all smile widely

"Are you sure this plan will going to work?" They asked

"I hope" i said and they all nod

"The people will be here at 9:00 pm its already 6:00" my manager said

"Where's jade's sit?" I asked and they pointed the last part in the middle

"So she will going to walk there while singing the thousand years and then the candles will light up??" I asked

"Yes" they said

"Are you ready edwards?" They asked i just nod im actually nervous

"Where's camila!" I asked them its already 8:00

"Im here Ms. Sorry we are late" she said

"Okay put all the papers every sit make sure its ordered already alright??" I said and they nod the started to put the papers on the sits of the crowd

"What about the balloons??" I asked them

"Its already there " she said while pointing the top part of the arena

"Let them in" i said to the guard and they all nodded

Its already 8:30 but the said time is 9:00 so jade is still not here. The audience is already seated to their own sit

"Hello everyone" i said through mic

They all yelled i smiled

"I know you guys are confused on whats happening today why i let you guys all in this early its because i want this to be the best day of my life and that would came true if you guys cooperate well." I said and they are all silent

"Do you guys all have a tshirt with #Jerrie at the front and our face at the back??" I said

"Yessss!!!" They shouted

"Okay so this is the plan" i said and explained to them

Jade's POV

"Jesy!! Come on give me something nice to wear" i said when i cant find comfortable dress

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