Chapter 14

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Jade's POV

"Jade stop crying!!" Jesy said

"I dont know jesy what i did to her! She's so mad at me" i said

"I hate her for hurting you like that" jesy said

"I will not going to forgive her" jesy said

"Aw jadey dont cry come here" jed said

I hugged jed and i cried to him

I should not fell in love with her she fuckin broke my heart.

"Jade lets just go to france if you want?? You have house there right??" Jesy said and i nod

"Okay i think i need to move on" i said and they nod

"Come with us jed" i said and he nod

"Sure jade if its for you" he said and i smiled weakly

"Lets go to your house and packed your things" jesy said

"How about you guys?" I asked

"We are already done" they said

"Wow!! So you planned it" i asked

"Yes gurl" jed said

"Jade we will just eat at starbucks and we will follow you at youre house okay?" Jesy said and i nod

"Oh jade what are you doing here?" Karl asked

"I will go to france ill just get my things" i said and hugged him

"Okay i miss you poopey" he said

"I miss you too brother!!" I said

"Oh goodness my room is a mess" i said and looked at it i decided to clean it after i packed my things

I saw a box under my bed i get it and opened it

"What is this?" I asked to myself i saw a photo album when i opened the first page i saw a paper with my handwritten when im a kid bestfriend forever wow i didnt remember that i have this one. When i opened the next page i saw my name 'jadey' when i turned it to the next page i saw a name 'pez'

"Pez?" I said

I turned it again and my eyes widened

Its me when i was a kid and im with a blonde girl with blue eyes

"She look like.. no way it cant be" i said to myself as i see so many pictures of me and that blonde girl i opened the next page until on the end and when i saw the back of the album i gasped

Jade Amelia Thirwall
Perrie Louise Edwards


"No way she's my freakin childhood bestfriend" i said

"Jade!!" Jesy said through the door i put the photo album above my table.

"Come on girl your mom is calling you" jed said and i followed him.


Short update lol ❤

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