Chapter 4

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Perrie's POV

"What are you doing" Leigh asked me i looked at her 

"Searching for the winners" i said while searching on my phone

"Okay take your time." she said

"Do you want me to help you?" she said

"Oh yes!" i said 

"What is it!?" she said excitedly

"Get me some foods im hungry!" i said and she frowned

"Ugh! im not your maid" she said while glaring at me

"PLEASE" i said while pouting

"stop doing that youre not cute you look gross" she said and i giggled

"Thanks" i said and laughed she just sigh and get up."

after 10 minutes i  finally have 5 winners. The only thing i need is to send a messaged.

 i typed the message and send

@PerrieEdwards : hi you won the free pass enjoy and see you there💕😊

@gloryd_ys : omg perrie tysm ily!!!

Next one

@PerrieEdwards : hi you won the free pass enjoy and see you there💕😊

@sexyperrie101 : OH GOD GABWKSOAJK


@PerrieEdwards : hi you won the free pass enjoy and see you there💕😊

@iloveyouperrie : I LOVE YOU SO MUCHSBDKMALI

Next one

@PerrieEdwards : hi you won the free pass enjoy and see you there💕😊

@1DxLM_ : thanks perrie ghad ilysm!!!

And last but not the least.

@PerrieEdwards : hey babe🙈💞 you won!! Congratulations you have a free meet and greet pass from me you can bring a friend of yours! Enjoy and see you there.

i didnt noticed that leigh already entered my room.

"Wow why is that the other fans you dm have the same message from you except from that girl? " Leigh asked while looking at me seriously like she's looking for an answer..

"A-Ah i really d-dont know.. i think because i j-just felt it??" I said she raised her eyebrow and smiled

"I think you like her!!" She said

"Its impossible we just met yesterday and she didnt even talk to me she just stared at me and thats it !! And you see this" i said while giving her my phone she accepted it

"She just seen my message" i said why im sad? i still didnt even know her.

"Okay confirmed you like her." She said and i just face palmed thats so impossible.

"Look she's typing!!" She said and i looked at her real quick

"You never moved so quick before!" She said and i just glared at her and snatched my phone from her.

"Why she's still not sending itttt" i said

"I think because she is still typing??" She said

"Perrie!!! Leigh!!! Time to eat dinner!" My mom said and i put my phone on the bedside table.

Jade's POV

What should i reply to herrr

@fckmeperrie : I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

" Thats so freakin cheesy " i said and erased it

@fckmeperrie : Thanks

" thats bad " i said and erased again

"Wow this is hard from what i expected" i said to myself

"Hey why are you talking to yourself! What do you think the reason that im here" jesy said. Oh shoot i forgot that she is still here.

"wow i didnt noticed you!" i said and laughed

"what's happening with you? why so serious?" she asked

"I won the free meet and greet pass and im still thinking what is the best messaged i will reply!!!" I said and she giggled

"Wow you won?? Can i come too??" She asked

"Ofcourse you can" i said and she nod

I reread the messaged that perrie send to me so i could think about the reply and my eyes widened when i read it 'babe' i didnt actually noticed it earlier

"She freakin called me babe i think im going to die anyt-" jesy cut me off

"Oh shut up thirlwall!! Its just a copy paste thats the thing that normal celebrity do." Jesy said and i sigh she's so negative.

"Ugh ill just send the messaged."

"Just send i-" i cut her off she is really against me i hate her so much but i dunno i still love her she's my bestfriend!

"Send" i said and gasped when i saw perrie is typing

"She's typing!!!" I said and she looked at me

@PerrieEdwards : welcome love💞

I dropped my phone and squealed

"WAAH JESY SHE CALLED ME LOVE" i said while pushing jesy and i accidentally pushed her hard the fact that she fall to the ground

"THIRLWALL!!!" she shouted

"Oops" i just said.

Perrie's POV

"Hey she replied" leigh said and threw my phone to me. I opened it and i smiled widely

@fckmeperrie : i cant wait either! Tysm🙈❤ xx

"Oh god she is so cute" i said while typing my message

@PerrieEdwards : welcome love💞

Im so excited to meet her soon.


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