Chapter 16

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Jade's POV

"Here we areeeee!!!" Jed shouted

"Ugh jed my eardrums" i said he just giggled

"Come on gurls" he said

"Okayy we are coming" jesy yelled. Why did they still need to yell they're freakin close with each other. All the people are looking at us

"Is that Jade Thirwall?" Someone said i looked at the girl who speak.

"Omg its Jade" someone said and they walked closer to us

"Hi jade" a girl said

"U-Uh H-Hi" i said

"Omg youre so beautiful in person can i take a selfie with you pleasee??" She pleaded

"S-Sure" i said and smiled to the camera

"Thankyou jade" she said

"Jadey come on" jed said

"Is that your boyfriend" the girl asked

"Yuck gurl im not attracted to her i bat for the other team" jed said and i laughed

"Oh omg! Bye jade and jed" the girl said

"Byeee" we said

"Come on jadey" jed said and hold my hand

"Hi jade" someone said again i just waved at them

"Excuse me Ms are you going to check in??" our staff of the hotel said

"No we already have one" i said

"What number Ms we are not allowing strangers to enter here" they said wow their security is great

"What number is it again jesy?" I asked jesy but she shrugged

"I think you dont really have room here" she said and i raised my eyebrow

"We have" i said and im about to go inside but she yelled

"Security someone want to break in" the staff said

The security hurriedly run to us and pushed me away jed stoped the security

"How dare you to push and talk to her like that??" Jed said

"Okay okay can you just give me your ID instead?" The security said

"Here" i said and gived her my ID. The staff looked at my ID too

Their eyes widened

"Ms. Thirlwall what are you doing here" The manager said

"We want to go in but they wont let us" i said and the manager looked at the staff and the security

"Hey you two dont you know this girl she's the daughter of the owner of this Hotel." The manager said

"Im sorry Miss we dont know" they said

"Its fine, come on jed and jesy" i said and we walked to my room at the last floor again

Perrie's POV

Jade Amelia Thirlwall
Perrie Louise Edwards

Best Friends Forever

"Fuck Gigi is the fucking Liar she will freakin pay for this" i said to myself and i clenched my fist

"I dont think jade will still forgived me on what i said to her" i said and i frowned

*tooot tooot* i saw gigi on the caller ID

"Hello pez" she said my jew clenched how dare her to fucking make me believed that she's my childhood bestfriend.

"Stop calling me pez" i said coldly

"Why what happened" she said

"Dont think that you dont fucking know anything" i said

"Tell me-" she said but i ended the call

"Fuck her face ugh i hate her so much for doing this to me and jade" i said

I didnt notice that im already crying what if she didnt forgived me.

I removed the tears on my cheeks and I walked outside

"Perrie where are you going?" Jonnie asked i didnt looked at him i cleared my throat

"Im just going to my apartment" i said and i drove my car to my apartment

im about to enter my apartment when i heard someone is speaking

"Yes, i think im already accomplishing my plans i will gonna be the most famous girl here"

"She's so idiot to believed that she's My childhood bestfriend like wtf" she said and my jaw clench

"Hahaha yeah i dont think she will still be forgived by jade" she said and i decided not to enter my apartment i dont still want to kill someone.

If ever jade forgived me i still dont have chance to her cause she's already have someone and i think she's straight. Ill just wait for her to ask for her forgiveness.


Awwww😭 i hate gigi smh

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