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Good Enough (Jerrie) by nxrryxjerrie
Good Enough (Jerrie)by xx Leah xx
Zayn is abusive toward Perrie. He has been for two years. She wants to leave him, but she can't. Modest! Management controls them as a couple. They think it will be gre...
Change My Mind by misskatehoran
Change My Mindby Anon
Zayn is the most popular guy at the most prestigious school in all of London. His life is perfect. His parents are rich, his friends are awesome and he's already met the...
When the curtains close by Littlemix2356
When the curtains closeby Littlemix 2356
Five years into the hiatus and nothing was the same anymore. During that time something had been broken along the way and all the girls could do was move on and focus on...
SHADE GANG | GROUPCHAT by rhythmiczayn
A series of conversations between a group of celebrities in which they shade, roast, and drag each other daily. Started: July 7th, 2017 Completed: September 18th, 2017 ...
Alerrie: His Son by tropicaltea
Alerrie: His Sonby 🌴🌴🌴
When Alex finds out he has a 13 year old son from a previous relationship, his whole world is turned upside down. Suddenly, there are hundreds of questions to be answere...
Edwards | Trent Alexander - Arnold by xrubymayx
Edwards | Trent Alexander - Arnoldby Ruby-may
Perrie Edward's little sister has never been a fan of football although her sisters boyfriend plays for Liverpool. When Perrie drags her sister to one of their matches s...
Golden Hour | Rudy Pankow by LiasMaybank
Golden Hour | Rudy Pankowby lia
Welcome to the social media world 💬 where your life can be whatever you want it to be A social media fictional story starring Rudy Pankow and the rest of the Outer Bank...
Alerrie: Nobody Like You by fanficwrxtxr
Alerrie: Nobody Like Youby fanficwrxtxr
Alex and Perrie were definitely a match made in heaven. They were perfect for each other. So, when they broke up, months after their marriage it left everyone baffled...
the princess | alerrie ff by slayedwards
the princess | alerrie ffby slayedwards
Perrie Edwards, the shy blonde, the weird new girl and most importantly of all, the princess of the United Kingdom. But no one knew the last part. The public knew she ex...
Jerrie One Shots by JerrieLuvs
Jerrie One Shotsby chaelinCL 🍒
A book of Jerrie fluff and smut one shots for y'all. 💖 P.S.: Read at your own risk. You read a smut, it's your choice, not mine so don't blame me. 😝
Celebrity female smut imagines by sexylilslytherin
Celebrity female smut imaginesby sexylilslytherin
Just like the title. G!P YOU I'm not good at describing these books so all I'm gunna say is that EVERY PART WILL HAVE SMUT IN IT. So i dont need to warn yall.
Instagram {L.T} by blueeyestomlinson
Instagram {L.T}by blueeyestomlinson
@louist91 started following you ... @louist91 liked your post @louist91 commented on your post {COMPLETED} adore you (H.S) is my spinoff to this book ❤️
Female Celebrity Imagines by Mickey5125
Female Celebrity Imaginesby Mickey
Imagines with Y/N with other female celebrities. I will take requests but the reader is a bottom and the celebrities are tops. I will do smut if requested or if I feel l...
My hero, her hero (Jade + Y/N) by wikipediaxturtles
My hero, her hero (Jade + Y/N)by wikipediaxturtles
Y/n has always had a tough life, her dad hated her and her mum left her with him. The only thing that saved her was the amazing band Little Mix. At 23 years old Y/n is...
At All Costs || Jerrie by Poisonlvysaur
At All Costs || Jerrieby TouchThirlwall
Police officer Jade Thirlwall has to do everything in her power to protect her girlfriend Perrie Edwards when Sam Duchannes, one of the most dangerous killers, escapes p...
once upon a love x j.t. x h.s. by jadesgorgeyhun
once upon a love x j.t. x jadesgorgeyhun
some matters are better left in the past, or is it not? completed: 21/5/20
Watching Her by WrittenByJadey
Watching Herby Jade
A little mix age regression fanfiction. Jade Thirlwall, 29, defending the Prime Minister in court and is now a multi-millionaire. She Iives with her girlfriend, Leigh-A...
Nothing Else Matters - Perrie Edwards by anonymouslmfan
Nothing Else Matters - Perrie anonymouslmfan
A fanfiction between Perrie Edwards and a male fan.
The Surprising Family  by Kingdom001
The Surprising Family by Kingdom001
Percy is the IT guy in the Greek world. He's friends with everyone and is deemed a savior. But he's hiding a secret. Perrie Edwards. His mortal life is a secret known...
Pinky Promise (l.s.)✔(Under editing) by prnbox
Pinky Promise (l.s.)✔(Under prnbox
"Promise me Hazzie, we will meet again." A 6 year old Louis asked Harry holding out his pinkie. "I promise Lou." An 8 year old Harry replied. "...