Chapter 6

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Jade's POV

"Wow she said she cant wait to see us" i said and jesy nodded

"I cant wait either" she said

"Me too!" I said

We are already sitting here on the venue

"Goodmorning south shields! How are you all?" She asked and all the people screamed including us.

" i dont want to waste some time anymore so this is touch because its like a goodmorning song" she said and we screamed

Perrie breathes

"Ahhhhhhh i love you perrie"

She smiled she really look so adorable in person

"Im still not starting" she said and giggled

"You and i and nobody else, feeling feelings i never felt" she sang. I love her voice so much.

The song finished and we all cheered

"Next is my new single No More Sad Songs!" She said

"Yasss queen!" Some people said

"I love you perrie!!!" Some people said

"I love all of you too" she said and giggled

after 2 hours

"Thankyou everyone for coming here i love you all so much i hope to see all your small faces again soon goodbye!" She said and waived

All of the people left the venue while jesy and i started to walked to the venue for meet and greet

My eyes widened such a long line

"Ticket ms?" The guard asked

I looked at jesy. Wth we dont have tickets.

"We dont have we just won-" i said but he cut me off

"No tickets no entry" he said and i sigh

"No let them in" i heard someone said i looked at the girl and she smiled at me

"Hi you must be jade?" She said and she held her hand for me to shake it

"Er yeah" i said how did she freakin know my name

"How did you know her name?" jesy asked

"Uhm bec-" someone cut her off

"Ms. Leigh! Ms. perrie's searching for you" someone said i dont know her

"Okay im coming camila" she said oh so her name is camila.

"By the way nice to meet you two" she said and waved at us i just smiled

Perrie's POV

"Where's leigh anne my phone is on her" i asked camila

"I dont know Ms." She said

"Please search for her!" I said and she nod and started to search leigh

I retouched my make up and change my clothes to this

I retouched my make up and change my clothes to this

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