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Why me? (Jerrie) by wayhaught28
Why me? (Jerrie)by wayhaught28
Perrie is unpopular, simple. Because why wouldn't everybody hate you for no good reason. Jade is new and can't understand why anybody would do that to another person. Ca...
Don't Forget You're Mine || Jerrie by mysunshineemoji
Don't Forget You're Mine || Jerrieby jerrie is real‍🏳‍🌈
Let's take it back to the Get Weird era.
Little Mix - Group Chat  by greedy_girl
Little Mix - Group Chat by Littlemix_mood
Don't read it if you're a cupcake mixer and don't take it too serious 14 april, 2018 20:50 Jade Thirlwall created the group Jade added Perrie Edwa...
Who are you?(Jerrie)✔ by Perriesboobs
Who are you?(Jerrie)✔by Balegdah
**completed** jadethirlwall:Hey bby:)) jadethirlwall:how are you? jadethirlwall:bby?pls reply jadethirlwall:c'mon!!stop leaving me on read:( perrieedwards:excuse me do I...
Instagram - Jerrie by magicalfangurl
Instagram - Jerrieby balegdah
Yah I know it's been done before but I thought it would be fun
The Sacrifices We Make by Onejerriestory
The Sacrifices We Makeby Onestory
Perrie and Jade's history is affecting the Little Mix brand, and their new label is determined to get to the bottom of it before the release of their fifth album. Can J...
At All Costs || Jerrie by TouchThirlwall
At All Costs || Jerrieby ♕ TouchThirlwall ♕
Police officer Jade Thirlwall has to do everything in her power to protect her girlfriend Perrie Edwards when Sam Duchannes, one of the most dangerous killers, escapes p...
In Love With The Babysitter by jadeysxoxo
In Love With The Babysitterby VinnyG
Jerrie FanFiction Jade's parent are going on holiday.Jade thought she had the whole house to myself but little did she know.Her dad called up his business partner to loo...
Together at Last by honeymixer
Together at Lastby honey
A love starting and other ones ending. After a breakup, death, and baby will Jerrie have their happy ending?
Little Mix Group Chat [ Jerrie/ Lesy] by TeamViper
Little Mix Group Chat [ Jerrie/ That_Mixer
The title basically gives it away, but I don't see a lot of little mix group chat books where they haven't met yet so I'll be making one to satisfy my needs y'all can re...
My Bodyguard by FanFicWriter08
My Bodyguardby FanFicWriter08
Recording..... "Hello! I bet your thinking who am i right?"a girl said in front of her video camera "Who are you talking too?" asked the girl behind...
Famous (Jerrie) by gloriousperrie_
Famous (Jerrie)by K
"Pez! Promise me we will grow up together okay?" "I promised jadey!" "Bestfriends forever?" "Bestfriends forever!!!" Perrie Edw...
Stripper | jerrie  by anxietydies
Stripper | jerrie by Jerrie bits
Perrie (intersex) falls in love with a stripper she sees at the club. Will their love be only about sex or will one of them fall for the other? Read to find out. this wi...
Deadly Aftermath  by Perriesboobs
Deadly Aftermath by Balegdah
Jade Thirlwall,a brave officer who loves working on her own,has to team up with a detective to catch a serial killer.The only problem is that the two can't stand each ot...
Just can't let her go (Jerrie) by LMand1Dlover
Just can't let her go (Jerrie)by LMand1Dlover
jade thirlwall was always picked on by everyone for absolutely no reason but there's one person who knows how to really toy with her emotions. perrie Edwards stuck up an...
Jerrie Family by ZiallHeroes
Jerrie Familyby ZiallHeroes
Love will find its way... g!p Jade, preg! Perrie
Tough Times We Will Get Through It Together- Jerrie by JerrieeLifee
Tough Times We Will Get Through Jerriee4Lifee
Jade and Perrie get close as Jade is having relationship problems can Perrie help Jade and will thay become more then friends?
Annoying || Jerrie by ItsJustJerrie
Annoying || Jerrieby zeey
Jade Thirlwall, 17 years old, is very bubbly, talkative and jolly at heart. Sometimes, she gets to be very annoying and irritating and so stubborn. She doesn't even care...
Royalty  by jerrieismygoto
Royalty by jerrieismygoto
a royal princess. a club owner. a pin badge. three completely different things but when you put them all together i would call it a fairy tail....