Chapter 17

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Jade's POV

Its been a month since we stayed in France and now we are on the airport to go home. I miss south shields so much. And even though me and perrie dont have communication i cant change the fact that im still inlove with her and ever she asked for my forgiveness i will really forgived her but not that quick im still hurt you know.

Jed is the only one with me cause jesy still dont want to leave the France i dont know why but yeah we dont care.

"Jed dont you think perrie and i still have a chance?" I asked him

"If she loves you then you guys have a chance" he said

I drove my car to my apartment

"Jed are you coming?" I asked him

"Yes i will sleep there" he said and i nod

Perrie's POV

"Perrie do you want to go to Jade's she's already home" Jonnie said and hurriedly looked at him

"Are you sure??" I asked

"Yes" he said

"Okay gotta go" i said and walked to my car.

*toot tooot* fuck why she still bothering me im tired of her shit plans.


"What" i said

"Where are you going?"

"To jade's why??" I said

" come here with me im your girlfr-" i cut her off and ended the call

"Ill break up with her. I never love her before" i said to myself

"Fuck this traffic" i said and just wait for the car in front of me to moved

Jade's POV

Knock knock

I opened the door and im surprised that Gigi is here

"What are you doing here?" I asked

" you bitch! Youre stealing my girlfriend" she said what the fuck is she talking about

"I dont steal your girlfriend youre the bi-" she slapped me

"Ouch" i said

"You deserved it slut" she said

"Stay away from my girlfriend or else i will kill you" she said

"Fuck y-"  she slapped me again and i slapped her too what the fuck is wrong with her.

"What the fuck is happening here" someone shouted and i clearly know that voice

"Babe she hurt me" Gigi said she look so gross i just rolled my eyes wtf perrie looked at me Gigi hugged her and i gasped when perrie pushed gigi away from her.

"Fuck you bitch stop touching me you fucking lied to me and you said youre my fucking childhood bestfriend but youre completely not and you just want me because of my fame stop talking to me" perrie said and my eyes widened

"Then lets broke -" perrie cut her off

"You better do it i dont love you and never have and never will you bitch and you even hurt my fucking girl get out here and stay away from us or ill post to my social medias that you are a famewhore." She said. Gigi walked away Did she just said my fucking girl? I blushed perrie looked at me and she held my cheeks.

"Im sorry jade" she said and she hugged me. I know that she's sincere

"Baby jadey whats going on there" jed shouted. Perrie pulled away and looked at me. That was so embarrassing

"I thought youre single" perrie frowned and pout

"I thought you dont want to talked to me you said it " i asked she rubbed the back of her neck

"Im sorry jade if im became so harsh to you i dont know im sorry i hope you forgive me" she said and pout i really want to kissed her so bad but i dont want to.

"Jade - oh who's this beautiful girl huh jadey? Is this your girlfriend? hi im jed the most beautiful friend of jade" he said and i giggled perrie's eyes widened

"Y-Youre a g-gay" perrie said and jed frowned

"Im a girl" jed said and i laughed

"Then why the fuck i heard you two last time and jade freakin moaning your name!" She said and i giggled

"Yuck jade i told you stop moaning they misunderstood it" jed said and perrie looked at me confusedly

"He's massaging my back any problem with that" i asked and winked at her perrie bit her lip

"H-Ha? Uh no" she said and i giggled

Me and perrie is on my room while jed is cooking our lunch

"Jade" she said

"Hmm" i hummed

"Do you already forgived me?" she asked

"No im mad at you" i said and she looked at me i can clearly see her tear are starting to form and when she blinked the tear fell from her eyes

"J-Jade im so sorry i really dont mean to hurt y-" i cut her off by smacking my lips to hers

Her eyes widened

"Close your mouth babe i will not kiss you again if you catched flies" i said and giggled she closed hee mouth she is so red.

"Im not mad at you pez im just hurt on what you said to me im not really a liar" i said and pout she hugged me

" i didnt mean to say that " she said and i nod

" i know" i said and she giggled



"Can you be my girlfriend?" She asked i looked at her

"No" i said and she looked at me

"Why?" She pout she is so cute

"Just kidding why would i say no to you i love you so much" i said and she grinned

"I love you too!! I wish i can kiss you" she said i smirked and bit my lip

"Then do it" i said


Yayyyy jerrie is back.

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