Chapter 24 (Last Part)

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Perrie's POV

Ugh what am i doing here?? And im fucking naked wtf??

What happened?? I looked at my phone and its still july 10 but its 10:30 pm.

Where's jade?? Wait did i just had sex with? No way?! Shit


"Drink drink drink!!" He shouted and i just do what he told

"Where's ja-" he cut me off

"Drink this one again" he said its like i just drunk a 6 bottle of liquor

"Ughh my head is aching i cant dr-" i said

"No drink this!! I promise that would be the last one" he said and i just nod

I drunk the bottle and i felt the daziness i feel so sleepy i cant control my eyes it became heavier and heavier every seconds until i felt my eyes are already closed.

I felt i been drag to a bed by someone and im guessing its louis i cant open my eyes im so fucking sleepy until i felt my clothes has been ripped off my body

Black Out

End Of Flashback

"No it cant be???"

"Did he fucking rape me??"

"Omg jade would break up with me if she know this"

"This is all my fault"

"If i didnt drink i will never got drunk"

I looked at my body in the mirror and i saw so many kiss mark on my stomach neck and some in my chest.

My eyes landed to the floor and there i saw my tshirt, short, my bra and my underwear

Im dead

Jade's POV

"Deal" he said and walked away

i walked to my yatch yeah its really mine its my brother's gift for me when im 18

i clean my bed and walked outside to go to the top part of the yatch i put some table and two chairs for me and perrie. Its already 6:39 pm here. I walked to my mini kitchen and cook some food for me and perrie. Yeah i can actually cook food.

"Jade!" Louis shouted i hurriedly run to the stairs and walked closer to him

I saw perrie on his back she seems really drunk and she's sleeping

"Can you please put her on my room there" i said to louis while pointing my room in the yatch

"Sure" he said and he put perrie to my bed

"Thank you louis" i said and he nod he walked outside and left us

I walked to the control thing on the yatch and i run it slowly i left it and walked to my room again

I saw perrie still sleeping on my bed she look so perfect and hot and i miss her so much

I smirked and walked closer to her i kissed her lips and i wait if she will woke up but no, so i kissed her lips again but this time i keep my lips on her lips in about 7 seconds i pulled away again and looked at perrie but still no response

This time i kissed perrie's neck and left some kiss mark but i still didnt get some response is she dead?

I put my hand to her nose and i feel relieved when i felt some air coming to her nose i continue kissing his neck down to her collar bone and i groaned when my lips landed to her tshirt i removed her shirt and threw it somewhere i unclappsed hee bra and throw the bra to the floor

"Sorry babe you look so hot and i cant control myself" i said silently and kissed her lips i left kiss mark on her stomach and i removed her shorts including her underwear but before i pulled closer to her center

"I'll save it for later." I said and i covered her naked body with blanket and i kissed her lips and forehead

"I love you babe" i said and walked to the top to control this yatch i stop it when we are already far from the island

Perrie's POV

Ugh my head is still aching i walked to the door and i gasped when i saw a sea am i on a boat or something? What the fuck im doing here am i stranded?? omg

I walked and walked to find the main controller of the yatch

"Oh babe your awake" someone said i jump

"Wooh you scared me- wait? what are you doing here??" I asked jade

"Its my yatch baby" she said

"Oh yeah by the way sorry if i removed your clothes and i left kiss marks on your body i cant help myself youre so sexy" she said while winking did i hear right omg i thought i been rape by someone

"I thought l-loui-" i said but she cut me off

"No way babe your body is just mine remember?? I will not let him touch you not just him but everyone! Youre mine" she said and i smiled

"Im yours" i said and walked closer to her i put my arms to her neck

"Happy birthday baby" she said and i gasped when i saw a candles on the sea and i read it

"I love you" i read loudly

"I love you too" she said and she kissed my lips

*Boooghsss pswwe sbkakooabdh* (its a fireworks😅)

"Wow its so beautiful" i said while looking to the fireworks

"Yeah its so beautiful" she said and i looked at her i saw her smiling while looking to me

"This is the best birthday ever and that is because of you" i said

"I LOVE YOU PEZ!" She said


"Promise me we will be together forever" she said

"I promise" i said and kissed her forehead

*The End*


Should i do epilogue?🤔😁

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