Chapter 18

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Perrie's POV

"Perrie" jade said while rubbing my thigh

"Why baby" i asked her

"Lets go shopping!!" She said and i nod

"Okay baby ill just take a shower" i said

"Are you done pez??" Jade yelled

"Yeahhh wait a second okay done" i said and walked outside

"Wow you looked so perfect" she said and i lean forward to kissed her she kissed me back

"Come on lets go" she said

I held her waist and we walked outside we already expected the paparazzi so its fine with us

"Jade do you love perrie??" The guy said

"Ofcourse i am" she said and put her hands on my hands on her waist

I smiled at her

We entered the car and drove i put my hands on her legs

"Youre mine" i said and she nod

"Im yours babe" she said

When we arrived at the mall i get off my car and opened the door for jadey i held her hand for her to get and i intertwined it and we walked

"Babe where do you want to go??" I asked

"Lets go to the supermarket" she said i nod

"Lets buy foods" she said i giggled she is so cute

"Buy me this pleaseeee" she pleaded but i want to tease her so

"I dont want" i said and she pout she suddenly smirked when she saw me biting my lip. She walked closer to me and and i walked backward until i hit the back part


"Holy shit jade"  i gasped when i turned around and i saw so many broken things that fell.

"Chill babe" she said

"how am i supposed to chill i will pay for this" i said

"What happened here?" The crew said

"Omg" i said and i saw jade grinning is she not nervous

"I dont want to go jail" i whispered to jade when i saw a 3 security guard coming closer to us. I heard jade giggled

"You will not babe trust me" she said

"Im sorry sir we accidentally bumped into it" jade explained i saw jade winked to the guard my jew clenched and i put my arms to jade's waist

"Put me to jail just dont flirt with my girl" i said jade giggled

"come with me ms." The security said

"How about my jadey" i said but he pulled me away and he drag me to an office i saw a girl sitting but she's sitting backward i cant see her face

"Omg im sorry ms i didnt mean to broke the things please forgive me" i said

"Please i still want to see my girlfriend please" i said and i gasped when the girl's chair turned around

"Hi baby" she said

"J-Jade what are you doing there" i asked and she giggled

"We are the owner of this mall baby" she said and smiled im speechless like wth she is so rich

"Its so cute when you beg its gonna be so hot if you beg for me to pleasure you " jade said and winked at me

"Oh shit jade stop teasing me" i said and my eyes widened when she stand up and she turned off the cctv and she locked the door. I bite my lip when she walked closer to me and i lean to the wall and she sucked my neck i moaned

"J-Jade" i said

She kissed me hungrily and i kissed her back she started to undo my top she kissed my chest while massaging my breast

"Oh babe do more" i said and she smirked and she removed my shorts as well as my underwear

"Gorgeous" she said and i blushed

She sucked on my clit and i squaled and moan

"Aww shit babe more more" i said between moan she entered to fingers and she begin to thrust it

"Oh yes babe faster" i said but she didnt follow me

"Fuck babe faster" i said but she removed her hands and she slowly sucked it

"Hmmm babe you taste good" she said

"Fuck" im about to touch my self but she stopped me

"Dont" she said and she thrusted to fingers to me

"Who got you so wet??" She asked

I moaned

"Tell me!!" She said and she pinched my clit

"Oh shit you baby." I said and she thrusted it again but this time its fast

"Ugh babe im cumming" i said and she smirked

"Cum for me baby" she said im about to come but she pulled her finger away

"Ja- ughhhhh" i cummed when she put her mouth to my clit she cleaned me up

"You really taste good baby" she said and kissed my cheek..

She turned on the CCTV and unlocked the door when im done wearing my clothes

"Youre so sweaty baby"  she said and giggled

"baby i want to taste you too" i said and she smirked

" later babe we have long time for that." She said and winked

But before she get out the door she smacked my ass wtf is wrong with her?? She is such a tease

I just giggled


Yay hahahah sorry for the smut

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