Chapter 3

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Perrie's POV

I've never been this crazy on some random girl before. What's happening to me? She's been on my mind lately the girl i meet on the market. She's beautiful her eyes is beautiful. And she's not like the other person when they see me they will go wild and crazy but she's just there standing there and quite, looking so adorable without even trying. I need to know her!

I opened my phone and look on my followers on instagram. I hope she have an IG and her profile photo is her face.

I scroll down and down and down and boom i saw her omg she's so perfect

"Jade thirlwall" someone said behind me i jumped

"Goodness!! You scared the hell out of me! What are you doing here?" I said to leigh

"Nothing just checking you. Who's that" she asked pointing on my phone

"Wait i know her! Is that the girl on the market?!" Leigh said and i nod

"How do you find her?" She asked

"To my followers?" I said

"Wow youre now using your brain edwards im so proud of you!" She said.

"But i want to talk to her!!" I said

"Then talk to her!" She said

"But how?" I asked

Jade's POV

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU FREAKIN SERIOUS?!" jesy asked me with kinda high voice

"Yes!!" I said

"May i see" she said while lending her hand

"Here look for yourself" i said while giving her the handkerchief

"Goodness it really hers. So you actually met her yesterday?!" She asked

"I freakin told you so many times!" I said to her and she squeled

"Omg what happened to you two? Did she talk to you?? Did she still know you???" She asked i just face palmed

" the only thing she said is 'its fine, here' and 'hey!' " i said and she giggled

"Woooww you're relationship with perrie is actually improving" she said and laughed i just sigh

"But i think she forgot about me" i said and sigh

"Do you plan to return this handkerchief to her??" She asked

"Are you crazy?! Its so impossible to meet her again she's famous!" I said and she groaned

"You can freakin buy a VIP tickets with meet and greet" she explained and i jump

"Oh my goodness!!! Why you didnt tell me that before?! Wow youre genius" i said and looked at my phone to search for her next concert.

"Her next concert is near from our location but unfortunately the VIP tickets is sold out " i said and sigh

"Aww i think you dont really have a chance" she said and giggled

"Ughhh i think we still have next time" i said and layed on my bed

I stared at her picture. She really look so freakin perfect i wonder what's her face when she's still a child is sh-

"Jade are you listening to me??" Jesy said

"Oww sorry! What is it again?" I asked

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