Chapter 19

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Jade's POV

"Jadeeee" my annoying girlfriend said

"What baba??" I asked while walking to the mall

"I cant walk! It hurt down there" she said shyly and i giggled i walked closer to her and i grabbed her waist

"Im here babe" i said and she nod

"Lets go to the salon i decided to cut my hair and turn the color to a platinum one" she said

"Oh sure" i said trying to imagine what she's saying. We're happy that no one is bothering us because sometimes there are so many fans trying to take a picture and they are kinda annoying sometimes but if i am them i would do the same.

"You first" she said when she opened the door for me.

"Thanks baby" i said and she grinned

"What can i do for you Ms." The girl said

"Can you cut my hair just above my shoulder and the color should be platinum." She said and the girl nod and winked trying to flirt on my girl.

The girl started to cut her hair and the girl accidentally drop the scissors so she lean to get that and i saw perrie looking to her butt. The girl smirked and do her haircut thing.

I groaned perrie looked at me through the mirror she winked at me but i didnt looked at her

"Babe you alright" she asked

"Stop calling me babe!" i said and stand up and walked away

But i turned around when she called me jade knowing that she's serious

Perrie stand up but the girl stop her and the girl put her arm on my baby's neck wtf  i groaned

"What the fuck get off me" perrie said and pushed the girl away perrie followed me i turned around and walk

"What a beautiful girl doing here" a guy said and he's so ugly he put his arm on my wrist and he pulled me closer

"Ughhh get off me" i said trying to removed her arms on my wrist and it really hurt

"put your fucking hands away from my girl or i will fucking bend it" perrie said

She pulled me away from the guy  perrie raised her eyebrow and the guy started to walked away

I walked away too but perrie stopped me and she grab my wrist

"Ouch" i said it fucking hurt because of the guy earlier

"Omg baby im sorry i didnt mean to hurt you please come here i want your hug" she said and she removed her hands on my wrist and she opened her arms trying to hugged me

"Ugh" i groaned and walked closer to her and stand infront of her

She hugged me

"Why your running away from me" she said

"The girl is flirting with you" i said and she giggled

"Youre jealous baby" she said and i groaned

"Im not" i said

"Yes you are" she said

"Ugh fine i cant help it" i said and i pulled away from the hug

"Kiss me" she said while pouting

I kissed her and she smiled

"Yay come on lets go back now ill still color the hair" she said

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