Chapter 21

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DAY 1 

Perrie's POV

"Bring me food pez!!" She said

"Okay i will be there soon" i said and ended the call

She's acting weird lately she is so distant and she's not calling me babe or baby just all pez! Is she really serious about making her fall in love with me again like is that really necessary im not complaining but is she really serious about that. The only thing thing wrong i did to her if im not mistaken is that when i accidentally threw her away.

I knocked on the door

i heard talking inside

"Hey" i said

"Wait up" she said from inside she opened the door 

i looked inside but i didnt see other person

'Where did you go earlier" she said and i smiled she's still concern

"Im just walking on the beach" i said and she nod

"With?" She said

"With no one," i said and she nod

"Here's your food" i said and give the plate with pancake

"Yay thanks pez" she said and i frowned she's really not calling me babe or baby

"want to go inside?" She suddenly asked

"Oh no im leaving anyway" i said she looked  at me confusedly

"Jade" i asked

"Hmm?" She hummed

"Can i bring you somewhere" i said

"Sure ba- ... p-pez" she said i looked at her confusedly but i smiled when i saw her smiling widely to me. something fell into her room i looked at it 

"Come on lets go hurry up" she said. its like she's hiding something from me..

"So where are we going?" she asked i just shrugged

Where going to a cliff i want to prank her.

i held her hand and intertwined it but she removed it and just held my hand normally wth is wrong with her.

we walked and i looked at jade when she talked

"pez do you love me?" she asked is that even a question

"Ofcourse baby i love you so much and i will never love anyone just you and you" i said and she nod and smiled

"babe put this on" i said and handed her the blind fold

"Why should i need to wear this thing??" She asked

"I have a surprise for you!!" I said and she nod she wore the blind fold and she held my hand. i hurriedly run to the sack of rock i did earlier. i looked at jade and her hand is searching for me i giggled and walked closer to her. she held my hand and we walked closer to cliff

" babe dont ever let my hand go okay?" i said but she smirked and i smirked too i know what she's thinking and this is good for my plan

"What if i let you go" she said she's still on the blind fold. i smirked and getting ready for my plan

"No-" she let go my hand and its time for my act

"Noo ahhhhhhhh" i shout and i threw the sock of rock at the cliff and i  hurriedly hide on the tree

Booggsshh its sounded like someone really fell so its look like real

"Holy shit " she said and hurriedly removed the blind fold

"Omg pez" she said and looked at the cliff

"Baby" she said and sobs aww. looked at her she's really look so cute

I walked behind her and hugged her

"Aww babe" i said and she turned around her eyes are so red

she looked at me concernedly 

She hugged me tightly i hugged her back

"Dont ever pranked on me like that again" she said while crying

"Im sorry baby" i said and i kissed her forehead and wiped her tears

"I love you" i said

"Ughh i hate you for doing this to me" she said and hit my arm

"You still hate me??" I asked

"Yeah and i hate you even more for your crazy prank" she said

"Hey baby im so sorry" i said but she just ignored me and walked away i run to her and held her hand

"Okay fine just... just dont leave me" i said and i saw her smiled but she soon changed it

"I will not" she said quietly but i honestly heard it and i smirked

This girl really know how to make my heart go wild and crazy.


ugly update. i became so lazy af.. sorry guys :(

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