Chapter 13

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Perrie's POV

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck" i said while walking to the bar

"I need to get her out of my freakin mind" i said and entered the bar

"Give me liquor" i said to the bartender.

"Here" he said.

i been here exactly 2 hours and i already lost my counts on how many drinks i drank

I stand up and walked to the dance floor

"What a beautiful girl doing here?" A guy said i just put my arms on his neck. He kissed me roughly and i kissed him back he turned me around and he grind on my back i can already feel the bulge on his pants. I can feel his hands massaging my breast i moaned and he's about to touch my center part when someone punched him

"Fuck you why are you fucking touching my sister she's fucking drunk for god sake" jonnie said

"Jonnie?"  I asked

"What the fuck are you doing here?" He asked

"J-Jonnie" i said and i started to cry. He hugged me

"Shhhh sis its alright im here dont worry" he said

"Lets go home" he said and i walked

"Whats the problem sis?" He asked when we are already on my car

"I love someone but i dont know if she deserve my love" i said and he nod

"Just give yourself a space you will be okay" he said

When i arrived at my home i locked my self on my room

I think i should just give gigi a chance to forget jade.

"Hello" i said on my phone

"Pez" gigi said

"I think ill give you a chance to be my girlfriend" i said

"What" she asked

"You heard me" i said

"Omg thank you pez" she said

"Thankyou for being my childhood bestfriend" i said

"Oh yeah" she said

"Bye pez" she said and hung it off

I hope i will not regret my decision

"Hello jade" i said

"Oh perrie!" She said

"Do you want to come we're going to the mall" she said

"No i dont want, and i will never come with you again please lets stop seeing each other." I said

"W-Why? What are you talking about" she said

"Dont think that you dont know anything" i said

" i freakin dont know anything"  she said

"Youre fucking lying to me and you said youre not dating someone but im wrong when i went to your room last night i heard youre moaning! Really jade? Are you freakin planning to break my heart? If you are then congrats you did it" i said

"Pe-" i cut her off

"Bye jade please dont talk to me again" i said and turned off the call and i threw my phone to the window fuck i hate her for breakin my heart.


Ugh i hate this chapter.

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